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Through the process of SPECT imaging we are able to find your brain pattern and treat conditions based on your specific brain type. The scans also teach us that there are many natural things that we can do to help balance the brain.


The Amen Clinics Method represents a true paradigm shift in mental health, using detailed histories, neuroimaging, cognitive and emotional testing, and labs to obtain personalized diagnoses and treatment plans.

  • Personalized, Targeted Treatment
  • Least Toxic, Most Effective Solutions
  • Higher Than Average Success Rates
“ Progress is impossible without change and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything. ”
- George Bernard Shaw


75% of participants reported experiencing considerable improvement after six months when treated with the Amen Clinics Method.

The Amen Clinics has been working closely with individuals and families for more than 26 years. We have performed more than 115,000 SPECT scans on patients from 111 countries. Some of the important lessons we have learned include:
  • Psychiatric illnesses are not single or simple disorders, they all have multiple types.
  • Without looking at the brain, many important pieces of information are missed, which can hurt you or someone you love.
  • Yes, you can change your brain and change your life.
It's time to get some answers.
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Whether you are afflicted or affected, people all across the nation are experiencing proven outcomes!


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Darren M.
15 January, 2016

I had a severe Traumatic Brain injury over 8 years ago.  I went to the Amen Clinic and got under the care of Dr. Darmal after 1.5 years of suffering and poor treatment in the traditional medical system.  When I took matters into my own hands and got under Dr. Darmal's expert care, I immediately felt better and within only 1 years time, my SPECT scan showed a 50% improvement.  It was because I followed Dr. Darmal's treatment plans.  Since that time, the entire Amen Clinic staff is always available for me, even late night calls while traveling in foreign countries.  Thanks to Dr. Darmal and the Amen clinic, I am a functioning member of society, do volunteer work and no restrictions on any activities of daily living!  Thank you, thank you!!!!

8 January, 2016

What an amazing group of professionals! From the time you walk in the door you feel welcome, compassion, and understanding. In three days I had more information then I have gotten in years of trial and treatment. I highly recommend the Amen clinic, and am thankful I found them.

Allison C.
5 January, 2016

I usually don't give five stars because there is almost always room for improvement but this is such an important service I did anyway! Our five family members (ages 6-46 years) have all been through the SPECT scan and follow-up process at The Amen Clinics in Orange County, CA. Working with Dr. Darmal, we have been able to identify and begin to address and resolve some very significant issues. These include: severe sleep apnea (undiagnosed up to that point), anxiety, depression, ADHD and help with several learning disabilities. Because of the information we have received at The Amen Clinics we have a much more comprehensive understanding of each of our brains. The kids thought the process was amazing too! It has been a great gift to actually see the evidence on the scans and understand better where our limitations are coming from so as to address them! As noted above, because of the SPECT scan and the extensive personal history that is taken, Dr. Darmal was able to pinpoint that my husband's severe brain deterioration was most likely related to his unaddressed sleep apnea. He convinced him to address the situation with a sleep center, thus possibly saving his life. I had read many reviews before going to The Amen Clinics last year for the first time. When we arrived I was pleased to find a comfortable waiting room, a kids playroom and a very personable and helpful staff! Everyone we have interacted with at The Amen Clinic has been professional throughout our time there. It is not cheap but the knowledge that we have now has been worth every penny and more.

Annette E.
5 January, 2016

I have had the pleasure of working with Dr.Darmal and the Amen Clinics for the past couple of years. It is the best money I've every spent when it came to helping my son! As a parent it helped me understand the issue at hand so that I understood what was going on in his brain and this not only helped my son but allowed me to interact better with him. Knowing what was wrong and having the tools to come out of the corner fighting for him and for himself is invaluable.

Saundra S.
5 January, 2016

I have had the pleasure of working with Dr.Darmal and the Amen Clinics for the past couple of years. It is the best money I've every spent when it came to helping my son! As a parent it helped me understand the issue at hand so that I understood what was going on in his brain and this not only helped my son but allowed me to interact better with him. Knowing what was wrong and having the tools to come out of the corner fighting for him and for himself is invaluable.

Stacy S.
31 December, 2015

We could not have asked for a better experience - from the office staff to the doctor! We have such a better insight into the inner workings of our son's brain now and can better understand how he thinks and why he does some of the things he does. We are so please that we made the decision to come to Amen Clinic and have the scan and evaluation completed.

Wallace M.
23 December, 2015

This was the most beneficial trip I have ever experienced. From my first contact with Jonna it was clear this was an exceptional organization. My scans were done most professional and caring by Elbert. Karen was the best listener I have ever met and most compassionate. Dr. Ali exudes competence, compassion and motivation. I would wholeheartedly recommend this clinic to anyone and everyone!!!

Trace B.
23 December, 2015

Great. Very eye opening. I now have a very clear vision of what is to come and am ready for the journey ahead. :)

Kari K.
17 December, 2015

I took both of my children to the Amen Clinic in San Francisco for evaluation of past concussions and some mental and cognitive concerns. Dr. Johnson and the team took very good care of us. Our instincts were correct and we received the information we needed to pursue a natural approach to balancing out the brain activity of both kids. I am certain we will see wonderful results. Dr. Johnson has been very patient and encouraging with my kids and me in our follow-up care as well. The office staff was extremely kind, helpful and flexible with our limited availability. I would recommend this clinic for testing and treatment to anyone who has concerns about their own brain function or someone they love. You cannot put a price on a healthy brain. We are very pleased with our entire experience at the Amen Clinic in San Francisco!

Lisa L.
21 December, 2015

So far, it has been an amazing experience. The staff are caring and really want to know all aspects of your life to help you at the deepest level.

Kyle M.
18 December, 2015

Amen Clinics provides a truly unique and in depth method for diagnosing and treating ADHD. The SPECT scans are highly accurate and provide good insight as to what is happening in the brain and brain activity. Dr, Bennet and the rest of the team that assisted me through the three day process were highly informative and educational in addition to providing an action plan that is specific to my individual needs and form of ADD. There solution is not to simply prescribe medications that may or may not have the desired effect, unlike many other psychiatrists. Amen Clinics takes into account many factors that may lead to the symptoms of ADD/ADHD, including daily stressors, significant life events, relationships with others and overall well being. The result is a detailed action plan that will help the brain to function in its most optimal state based off everything and more mentioned above. I would highly recommend Amen Clinics to anyone who is interested in learning more about ADD/ADHD and how to cope with it, who are tired of the "classic" psychiatrist approach to treatment of ADD/ADHD.

Vicki C.
2 December, 2015

This experience has been absolutely incredible! Dr. Ali, Albert, Fallon, Jonna and the entire staff has been very helpful and accommodating with my 10-yr old son and myself. Thank you so much for this experience. The SPECT brain scans were very informative. I look forward to implementing the recommendations to help my son be as successful as possible! Definitely worth the trip from Central Florida to Atlanta to gather further knowledge about my son.

Stacy A.
26 November, 2015

On this day where everyone is expressing their thanks I want to take the time out to thank Dr. Johnson for his kindness and compassion in helping my son. Without Dr. Johnson's constant care I shutter to think where my son would be. Dr. Johnson goes beyond professional I believe he truly cares about people. He adjusted my son's medication until he reached the cocktail that worked best for him. My son has improved so much it's a miracle....... actually Dr. Johnson is a miracle to us. From my family to yours Thank you!!

Sarah M.
22 November, 2015

I highly recommend the Amen Clinic. My life has changed so significantly, I don't even want to consider where I'd be without all the positive treatment that I've received here. From all the tests, documentation, analyses, brain scans, explanations, follow ups, etc.. I have learned so much about myself and really trust the process. There's no comparison to understanding your body on a chemically, genetically-predisposed, physiological level in order to understand how and why you feel or act on a daily basis. My whole family comes to the Amen Clinic and I truly believe we are a healthier family now that we understand how each other operates on a deeper level. I never felt inferior or embarrassed to enter the clinic - everyone who works there wants nothing more than to help you be successful and healthy. They are kind, professional, patient and knowledgeable. While away at school, Dr. Darmal does phone follow-up appointments with me to see how I'm doing and genuinely cares about my growth as an individual. If you are willing to put in the work to get healthy and overcome the things that are getting in the way of a healthy and happy life.. go to the Amen Clinic because there is nothing like experiencing a changed life.

21 November, 2015

I have had only positive experiences with the Amen Clinic for myself and children. Dr. Chapek is very thorough and caring. My husband and I are happy to have the Amen Clinic helping our family.

Logan M.
18 November, 2015

Over all my experience with the Amen clinic was one of the single most positive visits to any medical establishment to date. It helped me and I believed it helped my Father both directly and indirectly. I would highly recommend your clinic to any and everybody because of its comfortable and diverse treatments while maintaining a professional atmosphere.

James S.
17 November, 2015

My experience with Dr. Darmal has been above reproach in all matters. His knowledge and attention to detail in assessing and treating my case has allowed me to consistently improve my skills in living with a T.B.I.

17 November, 2015

Extremely helpful, and insightful. I learned a lot about the brain and other internal and external things that play a part in overall health. I look forward to tracking my progress, and seeing my results. Everyone was very kind and helpful.

16 November, 2015

We made an appointment at the Amen Clinic last December for an evaluation for our 21 year old daughter, who had been suffering severe side effects from ADHD stimulant medication. At every point in the 3-day process, we were amazed and grateful for the compassionate and professional care she received there. The indepth evaluation, which included Spect Brain scans and Q-EEG scans, along with other testing and meetings with Amen staff and physicians, revealed that our daughter was in fact suffering from a long un-diagnosed traumatic brain injury. Dr. Joseph Annibali, the head psychiatrist at the clinic, outlined a course of treatment options for our daughter, which included neurofeedback, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, counseling and nutritional support, etc., and as a last option, medication. We decided to pursue the non-medication options. Throughout the treatment process, we have been amazed at the progress our daughter has made -- new energy and ability to focus without "brain fog," tremendously improved ability to reason and process emotions, and a new calm and optimism -- all medication free. We have enjoyed wonderful support from Dr. Annibali and the entire staff, including Teresa Mischeli, Amen's Neurofeedback/Q-eeg technician. Emma Louise's neurofeedback treatments at the Amen Clinic were especially helpful, and we very much appreciated Ms. Mischeli's support and clear explanation of the treatment each step of the way. One of the things we most appreciate about the Amen Clinic is that they are not pushing a particular treatment nor advocating indefinite treatments. The beauty of neurofeedback is that the gains in the treatment "stick" -- you don't have to keep doing them -- and there seemed to be a clear starting and ending point for our daughter. She maxed out the gains through this very peaceful, non-invasive treatment. Our daughter's evaluation and subsequent support and treatments at the Amen Clinic have literally changed her life, and ours. For any family struggling with any mental health or ADHD related issues, visiting the Amen Clinic can mean the difference between limping along over years on a trial and error basis or immediately getting to the root brain issues through their comprehensive evaluation protocol. The environment is relaxed, calming, caring, and above all, a place where you may have confidence that you are receiving the highest standard of care.

13 November, 2015

The staff and doctors were amazing. I have never been treated with as much care and concern at any doctors office, like I have been treated here. Hands down the best, most caring and amazing staff available, work here at the Amen clinic. They have truly set the bar. I walk away today with answers that I couldn't get from over twenty doctors and seven plus years and a huge abundance of tests couldn't find a single answer for.

Melissa S.
6 November, 2015

I have been taking my daughter to see Dr. Darmal for a few years. He is treating her autism with a holistic approach including diet, supplements, therapies and a small amount of medication. He recently advocated for her to help place her in the best school to meet her needs. I would highly recommend Dr. Darmal.

Lisa C.
6 November, 2015

I had a wonderful, life-changing experience here at the Amen Clinic. I have be trying to get to this type of facility for years, but did not know where to go til I found this clinic. Everyone here made me feel so comfortable. I felt like I could be myself and not a label and treated with respect. I really enjoyed my experience with Fallon, who has excellent life-coaching abilities. And Dr. Ali was great to talk to as well. Thank you so much to the Amen Clinics of Georgia.

Shelly R.
3 November, 2015

Amen Clinic and Dr. Johnson have changed my daughter's life. At 21 years of age, my daughter had suffered from migraines for 7 years. I learned about Amen Clinic having seen the special "Change Your Brain...Change Your Life" on PBS. I was in complete agreement with what I saw and heard, however we live in Illinois, and all of the clinics were out of state. After doing the Math and realizing that my daughter spent between 25% and 50% of each month suffering from migraine symptoms, I decided to travel to the Brisbane Clinic. She had her scans and Dr. Johnson was very thorough in explaining everything to us. He recommended starting out with a supplement, Gaba Calm, to help her quiet the over active area that was causing the migraines. That was July 28th, 2015, and she hasn't had a headache since! One road trip and $34 per month later, she is migraine free. I only wish I had learned about Amen Clinic much sooner. The staff was professional, kind and accommodating and Dr. Johnson is the best. Not only was he great during our appointment, but he also calls my daughter once per month to check on her status. I recommend Amen Clinic to anyone suffering health problems. It's all in the brain!

Zack Z.
3 November, 2015

I wanted to update this review because I get so many private messages about the Amen Clinic. It's been over a year since I did the original testing and yes, I can honestly say it's the best thing I have ever spent my money on. I don't have insurance so it was straight out of my pocket on a credit card. It was worth every penny! I know which parts of my brain are over and under active so I know what to do. Makes life much easier! They hit on what I needed right away and it has been a big help. The Amen clinic will put you on the right path, but it's up to the individual to walk it. If you don't get the help you need at the clinic, I believe it's because your not doing your part like eating right, getting sleep, trying to manage stress. If you want to get a scan and eat fast food or party too much, it's not going to be as helpful. If your serious about feeling better this is the place. I started following Tana Amen, I'm not much of a cook, but I do her smoothies for breakfast and use the Omni Protein. The protein powder is not cheap and they are frequently out of it, it's worth the effort to track it down. The supplements aren't cheap but they are higher quality and made for specific issues. I have gotten through a very demanding school and can actually remember things now. There is a lot of memorization that I need to do and for the first time in my life I can retain the important details. When I first did the testing at the clinic I missed all but one or two of the memory questions. Major improvement! With school and finances I have a ton of stress but now I'm able to manage it more in the normal range. Stick to the program they give you, it might need some tweaks but stick it out, it's worth it.

Mike F.
2 November, 2015

The three month check ins continue and our son continues to stay on track. Many thanks to Dr Johnson and the Amen Staff!

Matt G.
30 October, 2015

This has been such a great experience all around. From the first appointment, to now. I love that for the first time ever, I have some evidence of what may be wrong with the "just not feeling right."

Kimberly P.
29 October, 2015

I have been suffering from Post Concussion Syndrome for years. I can't tell you how relieved I am to actually see the areas of my brain that have been damaged. Even more than that...I know what I have to do to restore function back to those areas. If you think you have a problem come to the clinic. Get yourself some help. I now know I can be the person I was before these injuries (9 total concussions). There are beautiful things in my future!!!

S. J.
29 October, 2015

The AMEN Clinic has done an excellent job in providing high quality service to patients of all walks of life in the testing and understanding of mind/body issues. My experience with the Atlanta, GA office was no exception. All of the employees were very nice, helpful, and provided a high quality of service. The doctor was outstanding and gave me plenty of time to help me understand the brain scan test results and a course of action for improving my quality of life. Thank you!

David C.
28 October, 2015

The AMEN Clinic has done an excellent job in providing high quality service to patients of all walks of life in the testing and understanding of mind/body issues. My experience with the Atlanta, GA office was no exception. All of the employees were very nice, helpful, and provided a high quality of service. The doctor was outstanding and gave me plenty of time to help me understand the brain scan test results and a course of action for improving my quality of life. Thank you!

S. F.
27 October, 2015

My son has been coming to the Amen Clinic and in Dr. Darmal's care since 2011. Dr. Darmal is not only a very good clinician (psychiatrist/neurologist) but a real human being who understands the intricacies of diagnosis not just from a clinical perspective but how it affects my son as a whole person and how it overall impacts the family. He truly cares for his patients. He calls during my son's IEP and is a very good resource for us in my son's overall care. My son has a history of TBI and was for years diagnosed with Pervasive Developmental delay not otherwise specified with other coexisting diagnoses of ADHD, ASD, and Expressive/Receptive Language Disorder. My son through a lot of clinical interventions is thriving, nearly typical, plays sports, and a happy, healthy, young adult. Dr. Darmal has been a blessing to us and is central in the health care team support of our child. We are very grateful that we have met him and his wonderful assistants/staff at Amen Clinic who have been there always for us. We look forward to my son going to college in the next couple of years and to continue to work with Dr. Darmal and team at the Amen clinic.

Tosh S.
26 October, 2015

I Came here to deal with my OCD brain mixed with a ton of rage. After getting the treatment, along with 2 scans, I realized this is the place I need to be at. The doctor "MOMAYA" that I talked to, told me everything I needed to know, and it totally made sense. I now have clarification on the details of my soon to be healthy brain. I could not speak more highly of doctor "MOMAYA". Truly an ease to talk to doctor, who knows his stuff. I love the Amen Clinic

Claudia J.
21 October, 2015

Overall it was great experience. I had read Dr. Amen's ADHD types and thought I could diagnose my son, was really surprised with the actual 'pictures'. The whole experience, (information, location, interview, testing, scanning and final meeting to get the results) was very great. I wish I had known that Gabriel could have had other tests done at the same time and we would have stayed for a bit longer in Atlanta.

Angela J.
20 October, 2015

I called on a Thursday to see if I could get in the following week, thinking it would be a long shot, but they were able to get me in. I live in Michigan and was going to be within a couple of hours of the Atlanta clinic. I could not be happier with my decision to take my son there. It was worth every penny. He is 14 and has been diagnosed with many wrong things since he was 6 years old and has been on the wrong medicine since then. I finally feel that we are on the right track after 8 years. The entire staff was friendly and helpful. Dr. Ali was so wonderful! He didn't talk over our heads and made a great connection with my son. We are continuing to see him over the phone, because we have severed ties with all of the doctors in our town that have misdiagnosed my son over the years. I have told everyone here about the wonderful job they are doing at the Amen Clinics!

Naty G.
18 October, 2015

Dr. Momaya from Amen Clinic is OUTSTANDING. After several years of the wrong diagnosis, the wrong medications that created other issues and countless doctors office visits, Dr. Momaya was able to pin down exactly what was going on with me. His diagnosis and meticulous attention to details has allowed me to thrive now with the right treatments. If you are tired of feeling "wrongly diagnosed" or "off" Dr. Momaya is the doctor for you!

Sherry M.
15 October, 2015

This was a life changing experience for me. I highly recommend anyone interested in their health especially if you experience anxiety or depression, to make an appointment at the Amen Clinic. The staff was friendly and informative from beginning to end. They are totally thorough and professional. The procedure was completely painless.

Candice A.
14 October, 2015

We are so happy we came to the Amen clinic. We are so excited to receive valuable information for our son. Reviewing the brain scan helps us to better understand our son and A.D.D. We have useful information and tools for dealing with this other than the typical medication prescribed for A.D.D.My experience has been nothing but wonderful. I absolutely adored Dr. Darmal and felt very comfortable in my appointment. The only thing was that the building was a little difficult to find but other than that the staff was amazing and I highly recommend Dr. Darmal to all my family and friends.

J. D.
9 October, 2015

We are so happy we came to the Amen clinic. We are so excited to receive valuable information for our son. Reviewing the brain scan helps us to better understand our son and A.D.D. We have useful information and tools for dealing with this other than the typical medication prescribed for A.D.D.

Troy D.
6 October, 2015

Finally, a way to use science to actually see what's going on. No more guesswork and trial and error to see what works and doesn't. Getting the SPECT scans gave me immense relief since I was able to see just what was and, more importantly, what wasn't going on and get answers to questions that have bothered me for a long time. Now I have a definite plan to take control instead of just reacting to symptoms. Thank you Dr. Amen for being smart enough to discover a better treatment, and being driven enough to bring your findings to the world. Thanks also to your trained staff for believing in the treatment and carrying your work on. I'll always recommend your treatment to anyone I see needing the answers. Thank God you're here.

Jaret R.
3 October, 2015

My entire experience with the Amen Clinic has been absolutely wonderful! I began treatment with Dr. Darmal almost 2 years ago. He truly took the time to understand me as an individual and worked with me to get well again. Dr. Darmal is a very kind and easy to talk to. I can honestly say that I don't know what I would have done without him. The office staff at the Amen Clinic has been fantastic. Dr. Darmal's assistant Sarah is always very friendly and welcoming. She has excellent communication and it is clear that she cares about each and every patient just as much as Dr. Darmal. I would highly recommend Dr. Darmal and the Amen Clinic. They have been an essential to improving my overall quality of life.

Stacy A.
2 October, 2015

After having a bad experience with other medical facilities my son was extremely apprehensive, afraid and did not trust doctors. We were referred to Dr. Johnson and after the first visit I was sure my son was in the right hands. He diagnosed my son's condition, thoroughly explained it and ensured that he has the correct prescriptions. Dr. Johnson was knowledgeable, friendly and put my son at ease. Dr. Johnson remains supportive not only to my son but has been available to answers questions to all of his concerned family members. I cannot express the peace of mind I have experienced after taking my son to see Dr. Johnson at the Amen Clinic. I finally have hope that in time my son will live a full normal life. I am forever grateful to Dr. Johnson. I strongly recommend the Amen Clinic for high quality care.

1 October, 2015

First I would like to compliment the professionalism of all the staff members. Everyone is in such high spirits that instantly puts a smile on your face. I was extremely nervous going through this process but was recommended to see Dr. Darmal. He exceeded all expectations and was able to explain things in terms that I could understand. He instantly made me feel comfortable and gave me hope for my future.

Trevor E.
1 October, 2015

The Amen clinic changed my life! For years I suffered and spent thousands trying to figure out what was wrong with me. Every doctor I went too couldn't identify the problem, until I found Dr. Filidei. He took the time to track and evaluate all my symptoms, instead of just throwing some drugs at me like most doctors. The staff is also incredible, especially Debbe, Dr. Filidei's assistant. I am constantly communicating with her and she responds very promptly. In general all the staff are friendly and there to help you. The Amen clinic changed my life! It is incredible and I recommend it to everyone. I highly recommend you go here, especially if you've been suffering for an extended period of time without help.

25 September, 2015

I was very pleased and impressed with my visit to the Amen Clinic in Reston. The office personnel were helpful, welcoming and professional. Stephanie, the historian, was very easy to talk to. She understood my involved and somewhat strange history with Lyme over 20 years, and projected a sincere warmth and caring attitude. I was so grateful and enlightened when I met with Dr. Annibali! He listened, asked pertinent questions, treated me with respect and compassion, which I greatly appreciated since I had experienced the opposite from much of the medical community. The scans gave evidence of some abnormalities that I had suspected for some time. I'm looking forward to experiencing some positive changes as a result of the treatment recommendations!

William R.
25 September, 2015

Very accommodating, professional and insightful. From the smiling faces at the front desk to the care coordinator, the historian, the scan technician and finally the attending physician (Dr. Johnson in my case), the mindset is one of courtesy and care. This makes for a very welcoming environment and quickly disarms any anxieties and inhibitions that often accompany new experiences in unfamiliar surroundings. Dr. Amen and his staff have done a great job of infusing their personal sense of sincerity and service into every aspect of their practice. As a patient, I am very grateful and already so much better off for the experience. Thank You very much.

24 September, 2015

As a patient with severe and longstanding anxiety depression issues, I can honestly say that my experience with Amen Clinic has been the most eye opening experience in my life. The reality of the damage of the current prescription medications I was using for years was made clear in a way that simply could not have been done without the Technology Amen Clinic uses. Not only do I have a SAFE plan to remove the dangerous prescription narcotics from my system in place of a more natural, safe, and reasonable approach, but I have the motivation to stick with this approach due to the Visuals that Amen Clinic provided in regards to what was going on inside my brain. I am forever grateful for my experience with Amen Clinic and hope for the sake of everyone with a mental disorder that the technology Amen Clinic has pioneered becomes more widespread and accepted as soon as possible.

Kandi K.
17 September, 2015

The staff made me fully aware of the process and were wonderful; answered any questions as well. Dr. Emina was beyond informative and helped me understand every aspect of the SPECT... as well as, broke down the deficiencies that would lead to a much healthier brain; and how that might look for me in daily life. Then there's Moinette: She helped me connect the dots ... something I've avoided my entire life. She is wonderful, empathetic, compassionate, and exception at every way; simply beautiful inside and out! THANK YOU XOX

Lori F.
11 September, 2015

I feel like I was able to gain insights into my mind and behavior that I've been seeking my whole life. I would recommend this process to anyone struggling with mood, attention or cognitive issues. In addition, this is clearly a very well run office. The staff is knowledgeable, friendly, helpful and respectful of each other.

William M.
10 September, 2015

Everyone here at the Amen Clinic was more than I could have ever expected in every way! From the receptionist to the doctor I felt like everyone was family, they were not only friendly, but over the top in helpfulness and concern while providing the most current testing and evaluation procedures available today. The doctor made me feel that my smallest concern was as important as the largest. He has an open mind to anything I shared and has a true concern for my utmost health. I can't thank everyone here enough for the most incredible experience I have ever had with the medical profession. Thank you and God bless you,

9 September, 2015

Making appointments was easy and when a medical emergency prevented me from making my appointments they were very accommodating. The only critical feedback I guess would be about the paperwork. We somehow didn't complete all of maybe call ahead of your appointment s to make sure they have everything they need. I was really nervous about being judged and the historian was really kind and empathetic so it was easy to just be real and explain my situation. The brain scan technician was great too. He remembered me on day 2 and this also put me at ease. Dr. Chapek was very thorough explaining my diagnosis and treatment program and I think I have a better understanding of what's happening inside my head and how to help myself feel better. I'm excited to take advantage of all my new learning about how to heal myself.

David V.
9 September, 2015

I thought Dr. Faber was very thorough and analytical, yet enormously therapeutic. So far, everyone from the front desk to the historian to the scan technologist has been very helpful. Dr. Faber wants me to continue my success and progress with a very sound and helpful individualized treatment plan. I very much recommend this program!

Craig W.
3 September, 2015

The Amen Clinic not only met but totally exceeded our expectations in getting the help and support we needed. Coming from a disastrous experience in traditional psychiatry, the Amen Clinic has not only restored our hope in a successful treatment protocol but has given us confidence that we will come out better for having this experience!!!

Linda B.
3 September, 2015

Do I am so grateful for this resource for assessment of my status and the opportunity to learn ways of intervening to promote a greater sense of well being and return of vitality. My experience here has been restorative already just to find out the physiologic background of my current health status is evidenced in the brain scans. The setting is calming and nurturing and facilitates the desire to seek new ways of approach and intervention

Caleb R.
28 August, 2015

I was lost without direction. Tried thousands of treatments but everything made it worse if anything. After just three days I have a plan of action and a lot more hope about my future. These scans are the way of the future.

Robin G.
28 August, 2015

The staff was truly amazing - sensitive, patient, informative, responsive and welcoming. There were recommendations that we as an entire family could implement in terms of diet, detoxing, nutrition, exercise, bodywork and medication. We are grateful!

Heather S.
28 August, 2015

Wonderful experience. Everyone in the office is kind, knowledgeable and helpful. The process is thorough and met my high expectations. For the first time in ten years I feel confident about my ability to overcome my brain/mood dis-ease! Thank you Amen Clinic, your work is crucial to my health and to millions of others around the globe!

Mitchell B.
21 August, 2015

I appreciated the service. Everyone was on the ball and on top of their respective work. I never felt pressured or uncomfortable in anyway shape or form. I liked Dr. Emina and how personable he was, and I also felt that he was very knowledgeable about my scans. All of his insights on my scans were on point with my real life struggles, and I feel like I can trust him.

Mitchell M.
28 July, 2015

I came in for information and recommendations to optimize my health and correct past health issues. The staff was all fantastic, and the information extremely valuable, with just the eval with Dr Emina the information he provided has answered a lot a questions I've had about my thinking and behavior over the years. Great stuff, thank you!

Alicia M.
24 July, 2015

The staff at the clinic is wonderful. Albert was very helpful with our 8 year old son during the SPECT scans. He explained everything so that a child could understand, and alleviated his fear. The SPECT scan was incredibly valuable as a tool to help us understand our son's behavior. It also gave us a different perspective on why certain behaviors occurred. We are very hopeful that the supplements and exercises we discussed during our visit will provide benefits as an alternative to (or at the very least, in addition to) traditional prescription medication. This was truly a beneficial experience for our family.

Willie B.
23 July, 2015

Not only incredibly helpful for personal health but for social and relational health as well. Amen Clinics have given me the peace of mind that I CAN conquer the unpeaceful mind and find real success in mental as well as physical health.

Lance R.
23 July, 2015

Everyone at Amen Clinics was extremely kind, professional, and most importantly, HELPFUL. The things I learned at Amen Clinics will help me control my condition for years to come. Thanks Amen!

Bryan S.
23 July, 2015

It has been life changing.

Eric H.
23 July, 2015

It has been a very beneficial experience. The scans showed me precisely what problems there are in my brain.

Karen F.
22 July, 2015

I am very fearful of Doctors & western medicine... I always feel like I am in a drive thru at the Dr.'s office. I get nervous that no one is actually looking at us specifically. I have been desperately educating myself how to naturally help my son, but have always worried I wasn't knowledgeable enough, doing something incorrectly & the idea of putting my child on medications was terrifying to me. Now that we were able to look at HIS brain I can say for sure I am set at ease to know the protocols are with HIM in mind. I needed this! I needed to see, I needed to know what was going on in there. I am so thankful we are able to make this happen for him!

Rebekah C.
21 July, 2015

The staff are very friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. It has been a great experience!! I now have a road map of my brain and my ADD. With this map, I have the most important tool I need.

Rajpati B.
20 July, 2015

Excellent experience that I will take with me For the rest of my profession life. I believe that the SPECT Scan is one of the most Accurate way of diagnosis brain abnormally and aid in the correct and best treatment in psychiatric/mental disorders.

Venus K.
9 July, 2015

Amen clinics have been a godsend to my son and our family. Dr Johnson in San Francisco at Amen Clinic is a wonderful kind compassionate patient doctor who connects with people in a way where most doctors don't. At least not the doctors in Chicago where I am from. With the exception of maybe one. Our case is a tough one, but I don't feel like they're going to drop us or leave us hanging like many other doctors have. Or over medicate my son on medications that were actually making him worse and very sick. Doctors in Chicago medicated him to the point where he was falling down stairs and hitting his head not having any balance or control of his muscles. We are slowly coming out of a very hard time. I am grateful to Dr Bradley Johnson for this. Just want to put it out there so people can know this man deserves to be recognized for his good work. In addition to his professionalism he's very easy to talk to and very comfortable to be around.

Henry S.
6 July, 2015

The Experience with the staff and doctors was great. I was able to learn much about myself and was pleased to know that the research was well worth my time and money. In depth knowledge of my own self is worth knowing. Thank you Amen Clinic.

Jenna P.
26 June, 2015

The whole process and staff was amazing. I am so so happy I decided to go because I was reluctant at first. Everyone was so polite, helpful and informative. Dr Farrell is so patient and helped me with any and every question I had about my treatment plan! Worth every penny, wish I had done this sooner.

Michelle P.
6 May, 2015

This clinic was a life saver! 12 years diagnosed at the VA with panic attacks and no relief from anti-depressants. One visit with the wonderful people at this clinic gave me the evidence of brain damage that verified that I am not imagining seizures. Now I can get actual help as seizures is a symptom not the cause. They also gave me an aftercare program to start rebuilding and maintain brain health. The past treatment caused me to deteriorate to a low ability of functioning. Now I have real hope that I don't have to live the rest of my life a shell of the person I was. I can actually have a future. Not enough can be said of the kind and empathetic staff. I was skeptical at first but at the end of my treatment I have to say I got more than my money's worth. Thank-you so much for saving me from living out the rest of my life stigmatized by doctors, family and coworkers as that crazy woman.

Mariam O.
3 June, 2015

This place is amazing! I have had what you call anxiety and depression all my life, I have never know what it was or why I was feeling the way I felt. And later in my life I found out why, and then I came to AMEN clinics, I mean,WOW. What they have done is amazing. I now know why I was so anxiety ridden, and why I was constantly down. What they do is so great and wonderful .The staff is so great, the nurses are the best. And when you do this you can really connect with everyone here who helps you. I defiantly recommend this to anyone and everyone who wants an explanation for their feelings. They are really a miracle.


I didn't think my son's problems could be helped; I wasn't sure they were even real. Our doctor explained real physical reasons for his failure to succeed in school and offered some short and long-term solutions.


The best ever... a huge gift... Being here, I felt compassionate caring (from team members, i.e., what it means to interact as caring human beings; I could "let my guard down" and trust the process)... it was an integrative experience (one stop shopping) and soooo meaningful to have a diagnoses in three days time (after the ten year odyssey I'd been through going from Dr to Dr, test to test back at "home." I can't thank you enough; the huge burden of "not knowing" is now gone.


Unbelievable. Every single person I came in contact with from the front desk, to the nurses and medical staff, and Dr. K herself was so nice, genuine, welcoming, and best of all..happy! I felt so comfortable here and felt as though I was really being taken care of. Doing the SPECT scans helped me tremendously with not only figuring out things with brain function, but figuring out bodily functions as well! Seeing the parts of my brain that were over and under-active as well as the parts that were functioning normally was really eye-opening to me and helped me make a lot of sense of things that have been going on my entire life. This was such a special experience and they really comprehensively treat their patients versus treating clusters of symptoms, and in that way I felt the experience was much more individualized and tailored to me. I would recommend this experience to anyone. It's well worth the money, time, and effort. If I could give a million stars I would. So pleased with this experience.


My husband and I were extremely pleased with the Amen Clinic and their staff. We have been years trying to get our daughter on the right medicine/supplement that would give her more of a normal childhood. Coming to the Amen Clinic was the best thing we could have done for her. We have spent thousands of dollars on medication trying to get it right...although it did cost a little to come here, it was definitely worth it to get the satisfaction knowing that our daughter truly did have parts of her brain that were not over firing as we thought, which led us to get her the right treatment finally after so many years of trying so many different medications. We would highly recommend the Amen Clinic to any parent that is wondering what they can do to help their child. This should be the first step and not the last hope! Thank you for everything you did for our family.

A. E. L.

I'm just not a big fan of trial and error -- especially when it comes to my 9-year-old. With the Amen Clinic we got right to the heart of the actual problem -- not some guessing game about what might be wrong. And we came up with a short term and a long term plan to address it - permanently, at the cause. The entire staff was amazing and the process has been incredibly comforting and clarifying. I can't imagine facing this problem without the Amen Clinic on our team.


I found this a refreshing, holistic, caring experience. My wife and I were looking for practitioners who would do more than manage medicine, and if you are looking for a practice that delves into causation and diet and environmental factors . . . . This is the place!


This experience was insightful, educational, and Dr. Stuller was passionate and intuitive and gave us answers to many of our unanswered questions. We left having hope and a plan. Finally.


Kudos to the staff at the Reston Amen Clinic. I was extremely impressed with the professionalism and thoroughness of my experience. Since I have more than a passing interest in the procedures and protocol of the Clinic I took special note of the manner in which I was processed, tested, and scanned. The final session with Doctor Kalanapu (or as she is affectionately known Dr K) was especially enlightening and very informative. I asked many questions and the good Doctor had all the answers for me. I highly recommend the Amen Clinic if a person has any problems, especially if they relate to the brain in any way.


My experience with Dr. Annibali and his staff at the Reston clinic was the most well-run, efficient, patient-friendly and truly top-notch patient care experience I have ever had, at any care facility of any kind. I was blown away - I cannot recommend them highly enough. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

16 June, 2015

I was very satisfied with the care and support I received at the Amen Clinic. I found answers to questions I've had for many years and a good plan for moving forward. I highly recommend the team to anyone who is interested in their brain health and over all well being.


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