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Location:San Francisco, CA (Child Psychiatrist) – Orange County, CA – New York, NY – Washington, D.C. – Atlanta, GA

Job Summary

Responsible for providing psychiatric services including evaluations and treatment of children, teens, and adult patients, collaboration with the physician and non-physician Amen Clinics staff, and any other service that falls within the scope of his/her role as a physician and as directed by Robert Johnson, M.D. and Daniel Amen, M.D.

This is an exciting, unique, and extraordinary opportunity. You will have the opportunity to learn and apply cutting-edge approaches to patient care, such as functional brain SPECT imaging and nutritional and many other non-pharmacologic interventions. Unlimited opportunities exist for career development in speaking and writing. You will learn approaches to helping patients that you would learn nowhere else. You will play a significant role in advancing your field. What psychiatry will become in the future, we do at Amen Clinics today.

General Responsibilities

• Patient evaluations – incorporate clinical history and brain SPECT scan findings during patient evaluation and complete final report on the day of patient evaluations.
• Management of patient case load.
• Expected to remain current with brain imaging, psychiatric, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical technologies.
• Evaluation and treatment of patients with various conditions, including
o Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorders
o Mood disorders
o Anxiety disorders
o Psychosis
o Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
o Traumatic brain injury
o Obesity
o Medical issues/hormone imbalances
o Addictions
o Alzheimer’s Disease
o Memory and learning issues
o Cognitive impairment
o Autism spectrum disorders
o Brain infections, such as Lyme disease
• Commitment to using evidence-based, non-pharmacologic interventions correlated with research findings by Amen Clinics.
• Attending Physician and Staff meetings.
• Outreach/collaboration with outside professionals in order to build good relationships with referral sources.

Qualifications/ Requirements

• Experience working in a private practice setting–being efficient, developing referral relationships, doing outstanding clinical work, and establishing positive therapeutic relationships.
• Willingness to learn to use brain imaging in clinical practice. We will train you to use brain SPECT imaging.
• Experience dealing with medical issues including hormone imbalance and deficiencies as well as understanding the role they play in contributing to and/or complicating mental illness.
• Experience treating patients with interventions other than psychotropic medications, including psychotherapy and evidence-based nutraceuticals. For those with limited experience in nutraceutical and other non-pharmacologic interventions, we will provide training.
• Dedication to helping individuals, families and systems (such as schools, businesses, and treatment facilities) reach their full potential by creating and developing “brain healthy” strategies and practices.
• Time management, organization and computer skills and ability to work independently and within a team are critical.
• Excellent command of spoken and written English.
• Empathy, emotional stability, ability to relate well to others, good communications skills, and above all genuine care and regard for the patient.

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Date Posted: 2014-05-27