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Neurofeedback Therapy Gives New Life To PTSD Patient

Divorce is a painful, stressful, and oftentimes traumatic event in the lives of those affected by it. Anxiety and depression are common for the spouses and even the children involved when two people divorce. Many people reach out to therapists, friends, and family to help them work through the pain and learn to live with […]

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mother daughter

A Mother Finds Hope And A Breakthrough For Her Daughter

As a parent, you’ll do anything to help your child. It’s so painful to watch your son or daughter struggle. But, where do you go when it seems like you’ve tried everything?  Unfortunately, Liz knows how that feels. She felt like she was losing her daughter, Isabella, who had been severely struggling with ADD symptoms […]

Sep 22, 2017   |   1 Comment »

It’s Not Depression, It’s PTSD.

It’s Not Depression, It’s PTSD.

Susan first heard about Amen Clinics when one of her children benefited from their services. At that time, she was very impressed with the success of the targeted treatment plan, but she had no idea she’d eventually seek Amen Clinics services for herself. Several years later, a traumatic event triggered a deep emotional shift for […]

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Helping Patients Lead Healthy Lives – Real People, Real Outcomes

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD or ADD), is one of the most common psychiatric challenges among adults. Symptoms vary widely, from inattentiveness and procrastination to outbursts and impulsiveness, resulting in a condition that can be challenging to treat. Shedding light on that complexity, Daniel G. Amen, M.D. has successfully defined seven sub-types of ADHD and […]

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mold brain - Toxic Mold Syndrome

Toxic Mold Syndrome: “It Was Like I Lost My Personality”

Kimberlyn, a 46-year-old married mother living in Arizona is not your average patient. She is highly detailed, analytical, logical, and carries with her a master’s degree in pattern analysis. When Kimberlyn got sick, she applied as much as she could from her work life to try to uncover what was adversely affecting her. Even so, […]

Sep 11, 2017   |   27 Comments »

manage your stress

11 Reasons To Manage Your Stress

Most people think of stress as bad but stress is actually both good and bad. Stress can motivate us to study for an exam or pay our bills on time, it can protect us we buy alarm systems for our homes, businesses or cars, and it can feed us since we go to work to […]

Sep 09, 2017   |   9 Comments »

Western ADHD

Can A “Western Diet” Give You ADHD?

How many times have you heard to put the burger and french fries down? A study from Australia suggests there may be good reasoning for this, warning about the effects of a typical Western diet and the rise of ADHD in adolescents.  The good news is that eating a “healthy pattern diet,” more common in […]

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Can Ostracism Cause Lingering Pain in Your Brain?

It’s often been noted that rejection is among the most painful of human emotions. Anyone who has felt the sting of rejection, ostracism or shunning knows how deeply these experiences sting. According to a Purdue University expert, ostracism can cause pain that often is deeper and lasts longer than a physical injury. “Being excluded or […]

Sep 01, 2017   |   4 Comments »

Hbot Anti-Aging

Breakthrough Anti-Aging Treatment You Never Heard Of

It is no wonder the anti-aging industry is worth hundreds of billions of dollars with the myriad of popular creams, lotions, and supplements. But, there is one cutting edge treatment you might not have ever heard of and it’s called Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT). HBOT has been proven effective in treating virtually any condition in which poor […]

Aug 29, 2017   |   2 Comments »


Depression: Is There a Gender Bias?

The experience of anxiety and depression is similar for men and women in many ways. Fifty percent of those who experience an episode of anxiety and depression will have another episode within five years, and many will develop chronic relapsing forms of the disorder. In that case, being male or female doesn’t change the risk. […]

Aug 04, 2017   |   1 Comment »

good sleep

The Importance Of Getting Good Sleep

It is estimated that as many as 70 million Americans have trouble sleeping and it is progressively getting worse with the proliferation of gadgets and bad habits. If you think you may be struggling too, ask yourself these questions: Do you have trouble falling asleep? Do you go to sleep easily but wake up repeatedly […]

Jul 10, 2017   |   7 Comments »

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