Feel Good, Look Good Secrets for the Woman Over 35

This coming Monday (July 22), OBGYN and Anti-Aging, Regenerative and Functional Medicine expert Dr. Anna Cabeca is hosting a no-cost webjam that you should not miss if you are (or know) a woman who is suffering from weight gain, fatigue, moodiness, depression, or just “not quite feeling right.” The webjam is called “Feel Good, Look Good Secrets for the Woman Over 35: Why You’re Feeling Fat, Fatigued and Frumpy and How to Feel Great Again!”

I recommend this webjam if:

  • You don’t feel like the same person you were 10 years ago
  • You have difficulty losing weight with diet and exercise
  • You are moody or irritable
  • You feel tired most of the time
  • You have brain fog and can’t think clearly
  • You have lost your sex drive
  • You can’t get to sleep at night or can’t sleep all the way through the night
  • Your hormones feel out of control and you’re experiencing symptoms of PMS or early menopause
  • You’re tired of feeling bad and want your life back!

On the webjam Dr. Cabeca will show you:

  • 5 obstacles to achieving optimal health (and how you can overcome them)
  • The true underlying causes behind your symptoms
  • How conventional treatments for these symptoms often mask the problems rather than fix them
  • The most common type of hormonal imbalance that Dr. Cabeca sees in her practice every day, and how to tell if you have it
  • 7 ways to balance your hormones to lose the moodiness, clear your brain, and have more energy
  • 6 steps you can take right now to make an immediate impact on how you feel

It’s easy to think that weight gain, fatigue, mood changes, brain fog, sleep issues and more are just a part of normal aging, but they aren’t. If your hormones are balanced and your body is healthy, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have abundant energy, a svelte body, and look and feel fantastic for decades to come. Let Dr. Cabeca show you how. Register right now for the “Feel Good, Look Good Secrets for the Woman Over 35” webjam here: http://www.mcssl.com/app/?Clk=5077762.

Daniel G. Amen, MD

Daniel G. Amen, MD

Founder at Amen Clinics
Dr. Amen is a physician, double board certified psychiatrist and ten-time New York Times bestselling author.
Daniel G. Amen, MD

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