Free Book Challenge: Give me two weeks and get a free copy of The Omni Diet!

I have 1,000 advanced reader copies of my new book to give away for free before the book even goes on sale.  If you’re willing to give me two weeks, and commit yourself to following the first phase of the Omni Diet, I encourage you to click here to get your free copy today.

I know if you follow the Omni Diet for just fourteen days you’ll be so thrilled with the changes in your health, mental clarity, energy, vitality, and even the size of your butt and slimness of your waist you’ll joyfully continue with the plan.  When this happens, I’m not the least bit surprised.  That’s what happened to me, and I bet after two weeks on the Omni Diet, you’ll feel that way too.

Once you’re on the Omni Diet please share with me how your journey towards better health is going.  Just visit my Facebook page, leave a comment to let me know how you’re doing and I’ll be happy to help you along your journey towards better health and wellness.

So give me just two weeks and I will help you change your life.

To your good health,

Tana Amen, BSN, RN

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