Know Your Numbers

Getting smarter, happier, thinner and younger is not hard if you do it by the numbers.  Here are important numbers that are critical to know and maintain on your journey to great health.  Optimizing these numbers can help you achieve your weight goals and help you maintain your mood and memory.

When these numbers are out of whack, it can reduce brain function and prevent you from losing weight or feeling great.  We list all your important number you need to know within BrainFitLife along with ways you can optimize your levels.  Here are just a few of your important numbers to you should know and what you can do to correct any that are off:

High blood pressure?  To optimize it:
Reduce sodium intake
Do deep-breathing exercises and meditation to lower stress
Take fish oil
Eat potassium-rich foods (bananas, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, kidney beans, etc.)
Eliminate caffeine

Low vitamin D level?  To optimize it:
Get more sunshine (responsibly – no sunburns) and/or take a vitamin D3 supplement and check your level again in 3 months.

High C-reactive protein?  To optimize it:
Eat an anti-inflammatory (brain healthy) diet rich in fish, nuts, and olive oil
Get adequate sleep
Whittle your waistline (if it’s over 35 for women and 40 for men, you probably have inflammation)
Fish oil

High fasting blood sugar?  To optimize it:
Lose weight if you’re overweight
Eliminate all sugar and refined carbohydrates
Check with your physician if other treatment is necessary

High cholesterol and/or triglycerides?  To optimize it:
Eliminate all sugar and refined carbohydrates
Eat foods high in soluble fiber
Increase your vegetable intake
Fish oil

Testosterone levels off?  To optimize it:
Eliminate all sugar and refined carbohydrates
Exercise, including weight lifting
Consider checking your DHEA level and taking DHEA if your level is low

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  1. John Dolan says:

    I firmly believe that the powerful combination of eating clean and exercise, backed by getting adequate sleep can do wonders to energize your health and vitality!


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