Lose Weight the Brain Healthy Way

Get a jump on your New Year’s resolution and lose weight the brain healthy way with the Amen Clinics weight loss group.  Classes start today at the Orange County, CA clinic location, but you can still sign up now through the end of the year.  Classes are led by Dr. Willeumier, a neuroscientist at the Amen Clinics Orange County who specializes in using nutritional approaches to achieve optimal brain and body health.  You may attend the weight loss group person or online.

Every participant in the Amen Clinics weight loss group will receive:

  • The Amen Solution Package ($310 value)
    • Hardcover Book-The Amen Solution: The Brain Healthy Way to Lose Weight and Keep it Off
    • 6 CD audio program- The Secrets to Being Thinner, Smarter, Happier NOW
    • CD Rom-Get Healthy with the Brain Doctor’s Wife
    • 2 DVD set of Dr. Daniel Amen’s PBS Special
    • Master Questionnaire with scoring key
  • The Amen Solution @ Home On-Line Community
  • Physical exercise demonstrations
  • Weekly webinar presentations
  • Supplement Discounts

The cost for the weight loss group is $500 and runs for 10 weeks to ensure your weight loss goals are met.

Amen Clinics

Amen Clinics

The Amen Clinics Method—developed through 26 years of clinical practice—uses a detailed clinical history, SPECT imaging to understand brain function, neuropsychological testing and laboratory studies to target treatment specifically to your brain using the least toxic, most effective means. If you are interested in learning more or to schedule an appointment, contact the Amen Clinics Care Center today at 855-628-3989 or contact us here.
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