Overworking Leads to Heart Attacks and Dementia

New research has found that those who work 11 hour days or more increases heart attack danger by 67 percent.

Are you working yourself into an early grave? A research team from the University College Lunden studied 7000 workers over 11 years, and established how many hours they worked on average a day, along with heart health data.The team found that those who work 11-hour days or more increase their chance of a heart attack by two thirds.

Researchers say the risk of overworking is so great that doctors should ask patients, “How many hours a day do you work?” right alongside, “How much do you drink or smoke?”

If you think that working a 12 hour day is helping you up the ladder of success, perhaps you’d better take another look at the wall your ladder is actually leaning against. It may be a wall labeled “Heart Attack Danger” and “Early Dementia.”

Researchers in another study found that long hours on the job weaken mental abilities and could put you at risk for developing dementia.

Some people, especially those who own their own businesses or work at home, have a hard time transitioning and letting go of the day’s stress.

Think of your brain as a computer that needs to sleep, hibernate, shut down and re-boot on a regular basis to prevent brain fatigue. Mix up your work and concentration with 8 hours sleep, exercise, power naps, eating healthy snacks, changing your environment and you’ll find you get more done in less time, with more relaxed fun.

If you aren’t getting enough sleep you may find the Amen Clinic’s “Restful Sleep Combo” (a natural sleep aid and a relaxation audio CD) helpful in unwinding your mind from the workday world.


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