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NY-Memory Rescue

Memory Rescue: Strategies for BRIGHT MINDS l Amen Clinics New York

Join an interactive presentation and dialogue with Dr. Sandlin Lowe to explore how the most advanced brain imaging and innovative solutions can support brain health and improve memory issues. Amen Clinics delivers an advanced, comprehensive approach for assessing and treating memory issues and customizing individualized treatment programs. Learn how our unique method delivers better solutions […]

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Can Healing Your Mind Boost Your Memory?

When someone you love is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, you’ll do anything to help that person. I know because of a number of years before David, a 62-year-old pastor, became my father-in-law, he was told he had Alzheimer’s. I convinced Tana, my sweetheart (and now my wife), that we should evaluate her dad and scan […]

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Inflammation Hurting Brain Health

How Do I Know If Inflammation Is Killing My Brain?

People who struggle with memory loss probably don’t think their gut might be to blame. But it could be. The gut, or gastrointestinal tract, is home to trillions of microorganisms, both helpful and harmful, collectively known as the microbiome. This community of bugs plays a key role in the health of your brain: Its activities […]

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Boost Your Blood Flow, Get Your Memory Back

If you find yourself forgetting things and you’re out of shape, getting fit could be the path back to a better memory. The reason: Aerobic exercise provides greater blood flow to your brain, especially to the hippocampus, a region that’s crucial to memory. New research in 51 healthy men and women, ages 18-35, found that […]

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