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Amen Clinics Atlanta Memory Rescue: Strategies for Bright Minds

ABOUT THE EVENT Join Dr. Daniel Amen and Amen Clinics Atlanta physicians for a brief interactive presentation and dialogue about Dr. Amen’s new book “Memory Rescue.”  We will reveal our new clinical protocols for treatment of cognitive decline. Learn how the most advanced brain imaging and innovative solutions can support brain health and improve memory concerns […]

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NY-Memory Rescue

Memory Rescue: Strategies for BRIGHT MINDS l Amen Clinics New York

Join an interactive presentation and dialogue with Dr. Sandlin Lowe to explore how the most advanced brain imaging and innovative solutions can support brain health and improve memory issues. Amen Clinics delivers an advanced, comprehensive approach for assessing and treating memory issues and customizing individualized treatment programs. Learn how our unique method delivers better solutions […]

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Can Healing Your Mind Boost Your Memory?

When someone you love is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, you’ll do anything to help that person. I know because of a number of years before David, a 62-year-old pastor, became my father-in-law, he was told he had Alzheimer’s. I convinced Tana, my sweetheart (and now my wife), that we should evaluate her dad and scan […]

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What Is the Hidden Cause of Memory Loss?

In September 2015, big wave surfer Shawn Dollar met the challenge of his life. Not a giant wave like those he’s in the record books for conquering, but a boulder he struck when he dove under a wave. The impact broke his neck in four places and gave him a concussion. Fortunately, he made it […]

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Memory Rescue Genetics

My Mom Has Alzheimer’s—Am I Next?

Can there be anything more heart-wrenching than watching a parent struggle with and then die from Alzheimer’s disease (AD)? Or more anxiety-provoking than wondering if Alzheimer’s is in your future—especially if you notice your memory slipping? The risk is real: If you have a family member who has (or had) AD—especially if it’s a first-degree […]

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Retirement Aging

Does Your Brain Have to Age?

Most of us assume that as we get older our memory is bound to deteriorate like an old radio with faulty reception. We figure that losing keys, struggling with names and other signs of forgetfulness are the natural outcome of having lived past 60. This common attitude is usually summed up with a shoulder shrug […]

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Boost Your Blood Flow, Get Your Memory Back

If you find yourself forgetting things and you’re out of shape, getting fit could be the path back to a better memory. The reason: Aerobic exercise provides greater blood flow to your brain, especially to the hippocampus, a region that’s crucial to memory. New research in 51 healthy men and women, ages 18-35, found that […]

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brain fog

The Best Ways to Clear Up Brain Fog

Losing your memory or developing brain fog in your forties, fifties, sixties, or even seventies is not normal. It’s a sign of trouble. Brain imaging has shown that as the brain ages, activity decreases across the whole surface of the brain. Poor lifestyle choices can lead to premature aging of the brain. Bad diet, chronic […]

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How to Get Your Memory Back Now

How to Get Your Memory Back – Now

Maybe you’re finding it more and more difficult to hold your train of thought in conversations… or you can’t make your favorite chicken dish anymore because the recipe is too hard to follow… or your brain feels foggy… or perhaps you’ve forgotten important appointments and you’re starting to worry about your memory. Do any of […]

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Amen Clinics Memory Rescue: BRIGHT MINDS Program

About This Event: Is your memory worse than it was 10 years ago? Are you forgetful? Daniel G. Amen, MD and Amen Clinics Orange County introduces Memory Rescue: BRIGHT MINDS Program Memory is the fabric of our soul. When it is diminished or damaged, it can rob us of our ability to make good decisions, and […]

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