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NY-Memory Rescue

Memory Rescue: Strategies for BRIGHT MINDS l Amen Clinics New York

Join an interactive presentation and dialogue with Dr. Sandlin Lowe to explore how the most advanced brain imaging and innovative solutions can support brain health and improve memory issues. Amen Clinics delivers an advanced, comprehensive approach for assessing and treating memory issues and customizing individualized treatment programs. Learn how our unique method delivers better solutions […]

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Healing Add

Amen Clinics New York: Healing ADD

Join an interactive presentation and dialogue with Board Certified Dr. Rishi Sood on the 7 subtypes of ADD and ADHD. From children through adults, ADD is often misdiagnosed. Learn about the consequences of untreated ADD. We will explore how an integrative approach with brain SPECT neuroimaging can support early identification and guide individualized programs for […]

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