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We all need a little push sometimes, so for the month of October, we’re going to help you re-focus your brain healthy habits.

Accept The Brain Games Challenge and receive 50% discount on all items in the online store during the month of October.  And, all participants receive an opportunity to be in a special webinar to “Ask the Doctor” anything you want!  Most importantly, by taking the challenge you will have a virtual accountability partner to provide you a tips, tools and motivation to improve your brain health!

NOTE:  The 50% discount and access to the “Ask the Doctor” webinar are reserved for Amen Solution @ Home Elite members only.  If you’d like to become an Amen Solution Elite member please click here.

Here’s how it works:

Members should log on to their Brain Health progress on the “Win the Week” worksheet and check off the brain healthy habits you do every day.  Count five or more checks per item by the end of the week, then you win the week!  We’ve included the first seven habits for your challenge, but you may want to add more.  It’s up to you!  If you haven’t already, make sure you Assess Your Brain prior to starting the challenge.

To accept the Brain Games Challenge, join the group located in the Community.

To join the Group, login into The Amen Solution website, click on “Community,” then click “Groups” and click on the Brain Games Challenge Group.  On the right hand side, click on “Join Group.”

FYI – The Brain Games Challenge combines all the key strategies Dr. Amen recommends to successfully adopt new brain healthy habits, including:

1.     Motivation – By giving you a short-term goal, and reward for taking action, the challenge gives you the motivation to take your brain health to the next level.

2.     Journal – The “Win the Week” checklist is an abbreviated way to track your progress.  People who journal are twice as successful as those who do not journal.

3.     Community Support – Dr. Amen wrote in his new book that there is support and accountability found in a community.  So we are going to help you stay connected throughout the challenge via emails, the group and webinars.

Take the Challenge for a better brain, better life!  Click here to join the group!

For more information, please email tasevents@theamensolution.com.

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