The Most Common Cause of Flab and Diabetes

A remarkable study recently published in the New York Times conclusively pinpointed sugar as the number one cause of type 2 diabetes and by extension, excess, stubborn weight.  The study also demonstrated that the link between sugar and type 2 diabetes was just as strong as the link between cigarettes and lung cancer.

However, this study and this article miss one incredibly important detail, it’s not just plain old sugar, it’s also all of the foods that our bodies quickly turn into sugar that does the same thing.  These are foods that most of us eat every day that we thought were healthy, but in fact are absolutely loaded with sugar.

Fortunately my friend and colleague Dr. Bowden who is a world-renowned nutritionist, provided a fantastic explanation on how to avoid these hidden forms of sugar along with what type of foods you should eat instead to help fire up your metabolism and start chipping away, day by day, any excess fat that may have accumulated over the years.  Click here to watch Dr. Bowden’s explanation now.

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