What’s causing childhood ER visits to triple?

In 1997, a single type of injury sent 10,800 kids between the ages of eight and 19 to the emergency room. Ten years later in 2007, nearly 30,000 kids in that age group visited the ER for that same injury. What is the injury that’s sending so many more kids to the ER?

According to a new study in the journal Pediatrics, ERs are treating almost three times as many young people for concussions. About half of all the ER visits for concussion were sports-related.

The authors suggest that increased awareness about the dangers of concussion as well as an increasing intensity in sports are behind the sharp rise in ER visits.

No matter what’s behind the increase, I find it very disturbing.

After looking at tens of thousands of brain scans, I have learned that even mild physical trauma can damage the brain and limit your child’s ability to be successful in some or all areas of their life.

Many people think you have to lose consciousness for a concussion to be serious. But that isn’t true. Even if your child never loses consciousness, a brain injury can change their whole life.
I have seen far too many young people whose lives have been ruined as the result of “mild” concussions.

Mood problems, alcoholism, drug abuse, divorce, trouble with the law, domestic violence, and financial problems are all more common in people who have experienced head injuries. That’s why parents need to do a better job of protecting their children’s brains as well as their own.

Don’t let your children play sports like football or boxing that put them at risk for head injuries. And don’t let them head the ball in soccer. Encourage them to try brain healthy sports like table tennis, tennis, or basketball.

If your child has suffered a concussion, even a very mild one, it is imperative that you get him or her on a brain healthy program immediately.

The good news is that a brain that has been damaged by concussion can be rehabilitated. We’ve seen the evidence in our very own study on retired NFL players, many of whom have suffered repeated concussions.

In our study, we put the former football players on a regimen of brain healthy strategies, including We developed a protocol using education, diet, exercise, and natural supplements (Brain & Memory Power Boost, Omega-3 Power, and NeuroVite). The results have been astounding. Many of our players have experienced dramatic gains in their moods, memory, and attention, as well as their weight. I couldn’t be more thrilled for them.

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