Why You Should Be Freeing Your Brain and Body of Toxins

With age comes a tendency to rely on feeling that symptoms of memory loss, lack of focus, headaches, and fatigue are normal. However, let’s explore the proper explanation for these feelings as: Toxins are a silent killer. Joseph Pizzorno, ND addresses this very idea in his book, The Toxin Solution.

The Toxin Solution, offers a four-pronged approach:

  1. Understanding where toxins are found and how they cause disease.
  2. Preparing your detoxification systems to eliminate toxins quickly and safely.
  3. Undergoing intense detoxification.
  4. Following simple guidelines for a toxin-free life.

Exposure to Toxins Can Create Brain Injury

Today you don’t have to be an industrial worker to be exposed to toxins that can cause injury to the brain. There are many kinds of ‘everyday’ toxins in the environment that can harm your brain and contribute to brain toxicity. Some of the more common ones include:

• Fuels
• Mercury, lead and other heavy metals
• Drugs and alcohol
• Carbon monoxide
• Cleaning products
• Nail polish remover
• Mold
• Perfume

Treat Your Gut as Your Second Brain

Among a lot of brilliant advice, Joseph Pizzorno, ND mentions the dangers of an unhealthy gut. He also explains why you should devote two months to getting your gut back on the track that your body deserves. What a lot of people must know is that your gut health is pivotal to having efficient brain health. Gut health contributes to weight gain, obesity, diabetes, anxiety, depression, and stress.

Without proper gut health, toxins will simply flow to the next organs in line and on to other areas of the body. The result is that it is creating a disaster for your body to function properly. For instance, intestinal problems increase inflammation, that low-level fire that destroys your organs, and increases your risk for low mood, worry, chronic pain and less-than-ideal cognitive health. This is why optimizing the “gut-brain axis” is critical to your mental health.

The Toxin Solution offers beneficial advice when resetting our bodies. It will help you get healthy and stay healthy while winning the war against our toxic filled society. If you have struggled with your health, now is the time to take action for your own well-being, once and for all. Here is how:

Reset Your Toxic Filled Body

In only eight weeks, Joseph Pizzorno’s The Toxin Solution will:

• Reveal how to avoid avoidable toxins.
• Strengthen and repair detox organs: the gut, liver, and kidneys.
• Support your body’s normal processes for excreting toxins.
• Actively facilitate the release of toxins.
• Repair toxin- related damage.

Probiotic supplements help keep your gut in a healthy, life-supporting balance. The beneficial bacteria and the harmful bacteria compete for survival in your gut. As with any battle, the more “good” soldiers you have on your side, the more likely you are to win the battle.

At Amen Clinics, we can help you and your loved ones overcome the stigma and suffering associated with ADD/ADHD, anxiety, depression, brain injury, weight loss, addictions, memory issues, brain fog, and other emotional and cognitive issues. If you are ready to regain control over your life, or help a loved one do the same, contact Amen Clinics today.

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  1. Nancy Kay Vocals says:

    This is a decent picture of me. I was exposed to organophosphates and between low dosage undetected and other exposures that I did not want, I look like someone else. If I reduce anti anxiety meds, maybe I will look alert again instead of like a drug addict. My skin isn’t pink and weight loss caused lots of lines I do not know where to begin. More distilled water? Coconut oil pulling? Facial Sauna. I looked okay in October and then suddenly, I became this other person in the camera lens and in the mirror. I would like to look more like I did in October and being alert is half of the equation. My blood labs look good but I do not look healthy and I look like I have been under the strain of chronic chem exposure although I tried countless times to avoid the risk. I want to look better so I don’t have low self esteem. I liked how I looked until now. I will be talking to a neuropsychologist about this. I need to look better or I am not motivated to get on with my life which involved public speaking, singing on you tube. I cannot do public things when I do not even look like myself. Are there any support groups that aren’t about cancer for people who need to look better without bothering with plastic surgery? I need a makeover group that has room for someone exposed to pesticides.

    • reggie says:

      Distilled water removes all minerals, not good. Do some research and find a high quality water filter that removes the toxins. Natural News offers one, Berkey, Aquasana, are others, there are several out there. Did you start closing all the windows in your house in October? If so, what’s inside? Also, are you EMF sensitive? Good luck.

      • Nancy Kay Vocals says:

        switched to purified, I like alkaline water too. No distilled at present. No EMF issues. I look terrible but my labs look fine. Guess toxins go where they want to and don’t show up where you’d think they should. I need a makeover for chemo patients but it’s not chemo. Thanks for the tip on distilled Some people think that’s all you should drink.

      • Nancy Kay Vocals says:

        I like alkaline water. I just hate not looking healthy any more. Toxins cause a meth addict look.

  2. moe seneczko says:

    Had a nerve density test done on my scalp. The results came back with a value of 5.2 and 27 is considered normal . I was told my nerves are dying. What does that mean? How does that happen? I had the biopsy since I have lost over 3/4 of my hair. I was also told that I have mass cell degranulation. How do I remedy this? I have a very clean diet and good labs. had every test done under the sun.


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