When ADD Symptoms Spiral Out of Control – Meet Adam

Every case of ADD & ADHD is unique and requires a unique treatment plan.

Where do you turn when your treatment plan fails? Ask Adam. After being diagnosed with ADHD and learning disabilities as a teenager and being prescribed Ritalin, Adam made no improvements. After a nearly-tragic motorcycle accident, his symptoms were significantly worse.

“I know if my wife hadn’t found Amen Clinics, we would not be married today,” he said.

When he got married, his wife couldn’t ignore how ADD was limiting Adam’s every day life. It was clear he was struggling with focus and attention, impulse control and anger. The couple went through a list of psychiatrists—and medications. But sometimes they made things worse! It was an exhausting time, but Adam’s wife kept looking for answers. Finally, she found Amen Clinics.

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“I did the Full Evaluation with a brain SPECT scan and entire personal history,” Adam said. His Amen Clinic psychiatrist showed him a SPECT scan of a healthy brain and compared it to the SPECT scan of Adam’s brain. It was a shock, but Adam was grateful for the comprehensive evaluation of his condition. There was no need for “trial and error meds” anymore. The Amen Clinics Method offered targeted treatment for Adam’s unique brain and they could understand exactly what was needed in terms of medication and nutrition.

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Today, Adam regularly refers others to Amen Clinics and continues to have re-scans to monitor his progress. He regards his experience as nothing short of life-changing. “I know if my wife hadn’t found Amen Clinics, we would not be married today,” he said. “Now she’s able to rely on me. I’m able to sustain a fairly normal life. Thank God my wife found Amen Clinics.”

There are ADHD treatment approaches that are yielding transformative results. Make the call now and save 10% on a full evaluation.

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Director of Research Speaks on Consistent Outcomes

We started with a survey of 500 patients in January 2011, to not only prove our outcomes but to ensure that we were consistently providing the best care and treatments in mental health. On average, patients come to us, 85% report having a better quality of life. As our survey approaches 5,000 patients, we are consistently able to report the same positive outcomes. We want you to join our family and be a part of the positive healing process so many of our patients are reporting.