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Where do you go when you’ve tried every option available? What do you do when you feel helpless about your child? Ask Liz. She felt like she was losing her daughter to ADHD symptoms. Amen Clinics gave her daughter a far more accurate diagnosis than ever before, proven solutions, and most importantly hope.

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Isabella was in third grade when she started to fall behind in her schoolwork. Liz didn’t want to overreact. “But by fourth grade, we knew there were definitely some issues,” Liz explained. “After changing schools with no improvement in her attitude or school work, we knew there was more than an educational or behavioral problem.”

Liz and her husband tried everything: tutoring, an educational therapist, even ocular therapy. A local educational foundation evaluated Isabella and said the issue was her memory. So Isabella’s parents and her older brother worked on memory games with her. Despite all that effort, Isabella still struggled at school. As her grades continued to suffer, Liz and her husband pulled their daughter out of all extracurricular activities. But even that choice had devastating effects. “She was losing self-confidence. She was turning inward, doubting every move,” Liz said. “We were losing our daughter; it was killing us.”

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When two separate family friends recommended Amen Clinics, Liz booked a Full Evaluation. Liz and her husband were stunned when they saw Isabella’s brain SPECT scans. The prefrontal cortex was normal, but the second scan looked like “her brain was on fire.” The Amen Clinic psychiatrist explained that Isabella’s brain was exhausted. It couldn’t calm itself—a vital task in the process of learning and focus. Isabella had ADHD, but a very specific type that required unique treatment.

Finally, they had effective options. Through exercise, dietary choices, and brain-focused supplements, Isabella began to improve at school within just three weeks. “Within six weeks, she went from F’s and D’s to almost all C’s,” Liz said. Today, Isabella is 14. She earns top grades as an eighth grader and more importantly, is enjoying life again. She’s active in both sports and her school’s theater program. “It’s unbelievable to watch the transformation, “Liz said, “We’re very blessed. We have our daughter back.”

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Director of Research Speaks on Consistent Outcomes

We started with a survey of 500 patients in January 2011, to not only prove our outcomes but to ensure that we were consistently providing the best care and treatments in mental health. On average, patients come to us, 85% report having a better quality of life. As our survey approaches 5,000 patients, we are consistently able to report the same positive outcomes. We want you to join our family and be a part of the positive healing process so many of our patients are reporting.