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85% of our patients report having a better quality of life after receiving treatment.


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If you're struggling to understand your child's ADD, and getting upset over his or her behavior, there is hope.

We understand. It's frustrating to watch your child struggle. Since 1989, Amen Clinics has helped thousands of kids overcome their ADD challenges, learning struggles and behavioral issues with solutions that are proven to produce higher than average success rates.

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We believe in using the least toxic, most effective treatments, using a whole-body approach. This includes utilizing natural supplements, nutrition, exercise, leading-edge brain scan technology and effective forms of therapy.

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With the world's largest database of functional brain scans — 135,000 and growing — from patients from all 50 states and 111 countries, our physicians are able to more accurately diagnose and treat symptoms of ADD and related conditions than any other doctors. Don't let your child suffer from ADD anymore.

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