Real People, Real Outcomes – Meet Susan

Depression and anxiety can have so many different causes and aggravating factors, just ask Susan.

A traumatic event had triggered her depression, and she began experiencing other troubling symptoms too. After an Amen Clinics Full Evaluation, including a brain SPECT scan that clarified her diagnosis and a targeted, personalized treatment plan, Susan was able to get her life back.

Susan first heard about Amen Clinics when one of her children benefited from their services. Susan was very impressed with the success of the targeted treatment plan, but she had no idea she’d eventually be an Amen Clinics’ patient herself.

“I was numb for several weeks, but then started sinking into a deep depression,” Susan explained.

Several years later, a traumatic event triggered a deep emotional shift for Susan. “I was numb for several weeks, but then started sinking into a deep depression,” she explained. That and other symptoms were making her day-to-day life unbearable.

Susan was only able to sleep for about two hours each night, had virtually lost her short-term memory, and was struggling with long-term memory. She even lost her sense of direction. “All I wanted to do was stay in bed all day with my door locked,” Susan said. “I had to take a leave of absence from work and was just doing the minimum to care for my children.”

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In the midst of this frightening time, Susan remembered Amen Clinics and made an appointment for a consultation. Her Amen Clinics’ psychiatrist recommended specific anti-depressants, but also strongly recommended a SPECT scan, part of the Amen Clinics’ Full Evaluation protocol. The medications did help, but the evaluation with the brain SPECT scan provided a remarkable insight. “My SPECT scan showed posttraumatic stress disorder,” Susan said. Both anxiety and depressive states were cycling repeatedly, and her brain couldn’t shift out of that pattern.

Susan’s psychiatrist had a much clearer understanding of her brain’s needs, and he also knew of an alternative treatment that has been helpful for this particular anxiety-depression pattern. “He recommended Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) as a supplement to the anti-depressants,” Susan said. “I hoped and prayed that it would work.”

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It did. Within the first week of treatment, Susan felt some improvement. During the next two weeks, her memory came back, she started sleeping better, and she felt hopeful. Today, Susan enthusiastically refers friends and family and has recommended Amen Clinics to dozens of people. “Everyone has been very pleased with the life-changing care that they have received.”

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Director of Research Speaks on Consistent Outcomes

We started with a survey of 500 patients in January 2011, to not only prove our outcomes but to ensure that we were consistently providing the best care and treatments in mental health. On average, patients come to us, 85% report having a better quality of life. As our survey approaches 5,000 patients, we are consistently able to report the same positive outcomes. We want you to join our family and be a part of the positive healing process so many of our patients are reporting.