Finding Freedom from Manic Cycles and Alcoholism – Meet Doug

Many who suffer from bipolar symptoms or depression often go through a number of doctors and medications and feel helpless – just ask Doug.

“My mom had tried to have me diagnosed when I was young,” Doug explained. But for Doug, that led to a decades-long roller coaster of trying various medications.

A talented musician, whenever Doug cycled into a low mood, he quit composing, had suicidal thoughts, and self-medicated with drugs and alcohol. It wasn’t until Doug was in his 50s when he saw a PBS special about Dr. Amen’s work. Then, when he came to Amen Clinics, his evaluation and SPECT scans yielded some surprising information about his symptoms.

It was during a manic high that Doug decided to find an Amen Clinic. He didn’t want to crash again and was tired of self-medicating with alcohol. He immediately lined up a Full Evaluation. When Doug saw his brain SPECT scans, the Amen Clinic psychiatrist pointed out evidence of a traumatic brain injury (TBI) sustained in childhood. It was likely causing or aggravating some of his symptoms, and there were specific medications and nutritional choices that could help.

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Doug is impressed with the comprehensive treatment he received. “Part of the prescription for my well-being is Omega-3s, eating healthy, not watching more than 30 minutes of TV per day, exercising for at least 30 minutes, and making music again,” Doug said. “It’s been a life-altering experience; I can be creative without drugs or alcohol in my life. I’m very thankful and grateful.”

There are depression and bipolar treatment approaches that yield transformative results & TBI is a root issue in many cases. Call now and book your evaluation.

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Director of Research Speaks on Consistent Outcomes

We started with a survey of 500 patients in January 2011, to not only prove our outcomes but to ensure that we were consistently providing the best care and treatments in mental health. On average, patients come to us, 85% report having a better quality of life. As our survey approaches 5,000 patients, we are consistently able to report the same positive outcomes. We want you to join our family and be a part of the positive healing process so many of our patients are reporting.