Age Better


Our research clearly shows that our brains typically become less and less active with age. As we age, the blood flow in our brain goes down and we become much more vulnerable to memory problems, brain fog, and depression. But not all older people’s brains suffer this way: some people seem to have found a secret to anti-aging. What’s the difference, and how can you ensure you’ll age better as they have?


Dr. Daniel Amen is no stranger to the subject of brain activity as it relates to age—he took his own research findings to heart. During his studies of SPECT imaging, he was curious about his own brain health, and decided to run scans on himself. What he found was that years of unhealthy habits—drinking diet soda, eating fast food, not getting enough sleep, not exercising—had caught up with his brain. He started a healthy brain program, lost weight, and reversed the damage done by years of brain mistreatment. What he experienced he later summed up with these words:

“The fountain of youth … is between your ears. It is your brain that makes the good decisions that keep you healthy, vibrant, and alive for a long time; or it is your brain that makes the bad decisions that kill you early.”

Dr. Daniel Amen is very excited about what he has learned and wants to share this life giving knowledge with everyone.


SPECT imaging (which stands for single-photon emission computerized tomography) is a special kind of photograph we take of the brain to help us better understand how it works and what is going on inside of it. SPECT can specifically help people age better by:

  • Helping identify areas of low activity and blood flow in the brain
  • Helping determine if treatment is working correctly
  • Helping determine if there could be co-existing conditions that need treatment
  • Increasing treatment compliance by showing pictures of results
  • Helping people gain a better understanding of their brain through visuals

Dr. Amen’s own SPECT scans look healthier than they did 20 years ago. But he’s not the only person who has benefited from a healthy brain program—there is no shortage of people who have seen dramatic results.


Visit our SPECT Brain Imaging page to learn more about how SPECT works.

Also, check out Dr. Amen’s BrainFitLife program by clicking this link.

Marianne’s Story

Marianne was a 59-year-old, high-level business executive who loved her job and who, as the years went on, had begun to find herself in constant pain and a state of mental fogginess. At first, she hid what was going on, telling herself that this was part of getting older, and that this sort of thing happens to everyone. But as her symptoms got worse, she saw that her performance on the job could suffer, and she nearly resigned, thinking, for the first time ever, that the best days of her life were surely behind her.

It was at this point-in-time that her daughter introduced her to the Amen Clinics program. To her amazement, within two months of starting the program, Marianne began to feel better: her pain was gone, and her mind was clear.

A year after she started the program, Marianne has lost 60 pounds—something she never set out to do—and more importantly, her brain looks and feels younger, sharper, and more active than it has in decades.

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