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Listen to Liz tell her story of what led her family to Amen Clinics, and how The Amen Method of treatment changed her daughter’s life.

Proven Outcomes

Contact Amen Clinics for your appointment! Our Full Evaluation of your biological-psychological-social-spiritual history, coupled with two brain SPECT imaging scans (at rest and at concentration), cognitive testing, and clinical assessment is designed to address your unique needs and offer targeted treatment options.

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“We’re losing her!”

After Months of Ineffective Educational Therapies, a Mother Finds Hope and Breakthrough for her Daughter

Where do you go when it seems like you’ve tried every option? Liz knows what that’s like. She felt like she was losing her daughter to ADHD symptoms. The Amen Clinics gave her daughter a far more accurate diagnosis than ever before, proven solutions, and hope.

Proven Results: The Amen Method of integrative psychiatric care offers hope. Using innovative and personal care, our outcomes consistently demonstrate improvement for patients – including many who have tried and failed prior treatment.*

Isabella was in third grade when she started to fall behind in her schoolwork. Liz didn’t want to overreact. “But by fourth grade, we knew there were definitely some issues,” Liz explained. “By the time we were changing schools, we knew there was more than an educational or behavioral problem.”

Liz and her husband tried everything: tutoring, an educational therapist, even ocular therapy. A local educational foundation evaluated Isabella and said the issue was her memory. So Isabella’s parents and her older brother worked on memory games with her.  Despite all that effort, Isabella still struggled at school. 

Liz and her husband pulled their daughter out of all extracurricular activities. But even that choice had devastating effects. “She was losing self-confidence. She was turning inward, doubting every move,” Liz said. “We were losing our daughter; it was killing us.”

When two separate family friends recommended Amen Clinics, Liz booked a Full Evaluation. Liz and her husband were stunned when they saw Isabella’s brain SPECT scans. The front cortex was normal, but the second scan looked like “her brain was on fire.” The Amen Clinic psychiatrist explained that Isabella’s brain was exhausted. It couldn’t calm itself—a vital task in the process of learning and focus.

“It was quite a relief,” Liz said. There was a reason previous efforts hadn’t worked.  Isabella had ADHD, but a very specific type that required unique treatment. Finally, they had effective options. Through exercise, dietary choices, and brain-focused supplements only, Isabella began to improve at school within just three weeks. “Within six weeks, she went from F’s and D’s to almost all C’s,” Liz said.

In a recent six-month Outcome Study of 500 Amen Clinics' patients of varying ages and locations, 75 percent showed significant improvement in their condition, and 85 percent reported improved quality of life after implementing their personalized protocols.*

Today, Isabella is 14, an eighth grader with top grades. More importantly she is enjoying life.  She is in sports again and acts in school plays. “It’s been unbelievable to watch the transformation,” Liz said. “We’re very blessed. We have our daughter back.”

The Amen Clinics specialize in childhood learning challenges and ADHD. Our treatment approaches are yielding transformative results. Make the call.  It’s time to open the door to a bright and hopeful future for your child and your whole family. 

Brain SPECT Scan Research and Treatment Innovation Yield Real Improvement for “Treatment Resistant” ADHD

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD or ADD), is the most common psychiatric challenge for children and one of the most common among adults as well.  If it’s so common, why do mainstream treatments fall short in many classic cases? 

At Amen Clinics, we’re answering that question.  Our leading-edge brain research has found there are actually 6 types of ADHD and, for 4 of them, typical stimulant medications make symptoms worse.  We have pioneered innovative ADHD treatments that are highly successful.  In fact, Amen Clinics’ outcome scores are higher than any other psychiatric clinic in the U.S. 

The Amen Clinics Full Evaluation includes:

  1. Thorough Clinical Assessment with Neuropsychological Testing
    During the first appointment, an Amen Clinics historian gathers your biological, psychological, social, and spiritual or life-purpose history. You will complete:
    • A sophisticated neuropsychological test measuring how your brain is currently functioning
    • Detailed questionnaires that are discussed with a specially trained historian
  2. Two brain SPECT imaging studies are performed on separate days: at rest and while performing a concentration task. SPECT images show patterns of brain activity and blood flow, allowing Amen Clinic physicians to identify areas of the brain that work well, areas that work too hard, and areas that do not work hard enough.
  3. A thorough evaluation with an Amen Clinic physician who puts the scans and clinical information together to make a diagnosis and treatment plan that is specific to you – to heal and optimize your brain function, which leads to the improvement of behavioral, mood and learning.
  4. One follow-up appointment with your physician to review your treatment progress.

Real Success Stories

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*Amen, DG, Jourdain, M, Taylor, DV, Pigott, HE, Willeumier, K: Multi-Site, Six Month Outcome Study of Complex Psychiatric Patients Evaluated with Addition of Brain SPECT Imaging, In Press Advances in Mind-Body Medicine.

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