Garrett Halweg, MD

Southern California


Dr. Garrett Halweg has over ten years’ experience working to improve brain health. Prior to joining Amen Clinics, he worked in private practice from July 2003 until May 2009. At Amen Clinics, he brings his expertise in transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) to treat our patients with depression and other disorders. He survived multi-system organ failure in November 2013 and has a renewed interest in optimizing physical health and mental awareness.

His past clinical experience includes several years serving at an outpatient mental health clinic with chronically mentally ill and substance abuse patients, coordinating both pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatments, and case management and rehabilitation services. Responsibilities included the development of a rehabilitation program for the incarcerated youth of Ventura County, California and organization of the Transitional Age Youth mental health delivery system. Additionally, he served as Correctional Psychiatrist for the California Department of Corrections at seven institutions, where he played a role as a thought leader to the State of California regarding health care improvements. Dr. Halweg served as Associate Medical Director of CNS, Medical Affairs for i3 Research in 2007. He gained experience as a medical monitor and consulted on clinical trials for depression, bipolar disorder, and neurological disorders including Parkinson’s and post CVA patients. He has an academic appointment at one of California’s leading universities, where he teaches psychopharmacology to graduate students.

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