Marital / Couples Therapy

No one ever said marriage or being in a relationship was easy! Children, illness, financial problems and stress can all take their toll. What is often forgotten is that brain function determines the behavior of each partner. Your brain is the organ of character, personality and every single decision that you make. If the brain isn’t working properly, even the strongest of relationships can degrade over time.

At Amen Clinics, we don’t just look at the “she said/ he said” aspects. Using SPECT imaging as part of the Amen Clinics Method, we look directly at the brain, which helps us determine what is really going on. In doing so, we can help you develop greater understanding and empathy for your partner. In the absence of a scan, we use Brain System Checklists which also provide valuable data about each person.

Available at these Amen Clinics: Atlanta, New York, Northern California, Northwest, Orange County, Washington, DC

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