Top 5 Benefits of Being a Brain Health Coach

Blog-Top 5 Benefits of Being a Brain Health Coach

Do you have a heart to help people? Do you want to work in a segment of the health industry that’s rapidly expanding and in demand? Becoming a Brain Health Coach might be an exciting career choice for you.

Those who work in the health field have much more than a career… They have a calling. Health and wellness specialists have the amazing opportunity to make a tangible and lasting impact in the lives of people who need help and hope.

If you’re already in the industry or if you’ve thought about becoming a health and wellness practitioner, here are the top 5 benefits of being a Brain Health Coach:

1. Diverse Career Specializations

Whether you start off as a volunteer or as a recent graduate from medical school, there are a variety of ways to enter the health field. With a multitude of specialties to choose from, you can chart your own course to a fulfilling career. And if you ever become dissatisfied with the job you’ve selected, you can always switch specialties, which will broaden your knowledge base and skills. This field is ideal for those who are willing to work in different states, since there’s always a demand for quality specialists.

2. Growing Career

Healthcare was one of the fastest growing careers over the past decade. With an increasing need for health services in our country, there’s no shortage of open posts at hospitals, clinics and health and wellness centers. In addition to steady earnings, there are also many advancement opportunities for individuals who work hard and are team players.

3. Be Part of a Brain Health Community

Learn how the Amen Clinics Method can help you improve your clients’ brain health. For therapists, physicians, healthcare professionals, business coaches, and anyone interested in teaching others practical neuroscience – this clinical course was designed for you. The Brain Health Coaching Certification Course can help you:

Enhance Your Education – Enrich your practice and develop your professional skills with one of America’s leading psychiatrists and brain health experts.
Improve Lives – Discover and master a unique skillset to improve your life and the lives of those you love and serve with a brain health-oriented approach.
Boost Your Referrals – Build your practice and gain access to the fastest growing community of brain health clients and patients with our national referral network.

In this professional online certification course, Daniel G. Amen MD will teach you how to cultivate brain health in the lives of those you serve, including how to use the lessons we’ve learned from the world’s largest database of brain SPECT studies (135,000 scans and growing) and how to implement the Amen Clinics Method into your practice.

Learn the latest advances in brain-health care in this self-paced course that contains over 40 hours of comprehensive training on neurobiology and practical neuroscience. Get an in-depth look at how Dr. Amen teaches his clinical staff to diagnose and treat patients.

Providers who are vetted and complete the training and tests may be listed on our nationally recognized online referral network.

Course members can engage in continuing education through our professionals-only newsletter and phone trainings that will keep you updated on best practices, exciting case studies and new brain directed products. Also get unlimited access to our clinical tools, practical resources and the Brain SPECT Atlas.

Utilize the array of helpful resources in the Amen Clinic’s Method Toolbox, which includes: checklists, questionnaires, treatment algorithms, the Amen Clinics intake forms and planning forms. These tools can help you determine a patient’s specific brain type without ever having a brain SPECT scan (over 180 pages).

Additional benefits exclusive to program members:

• 20% discount off members clinical evaluations, including SPECT.
• 10% discount off immediate family, staff and clients’ clinical evaluations, including SPECT.
• 15% off BrainMD Health products.
• The course offers you the option to earn 50 CE/CME credits for participating in this program.

All aspects of the Brain Health Coaching Certification Course ensure that you will be able to offer the best and latest advances in brain-health care.

“Other than my faith, this course was the best decision I’ve ever made!”
– Mitchell Johnston, CPLC

4. Great Working Conditions

In addition to receiving great benefits, many health and wellness practitioners work in friendly office environments. Being part of a dedicated team of likeminded professionals can promote a culture of learning and a spirit of collaboration. It’s not uncommon for healthcare employees to grow so close to their coworkers that they become like a second family.

5. Help Others While Helping Yourself

Just as teachers learn as they instruct students, you can learn more about yourself while helping the people you coach. Doing work that you’re passionate about will benefit your personal and professional life. Investing in your health and career can also have a positive influence on your family, friends and clients.

“I hope you join the team of professionals, such as myself…in the first major paradigm shift in the fields of psychiatry and psychology to occur in over 100 years! I and the healthcare professionals associated with me have greatly benefited from being intimately involved in the application of neuroscience to everyday practice from being able to learn from Dr. Amen and his staff.”

– Dr. Earl Henslin
Clinical Psychologist and author of This Is Your Brain on Joy

Understanding brain health is your competitive advantage. To find out how the Brain Health Coaching Certification Course can benefit you and your clients or patients, opt-in here and get your first lesson free from Dr. Amen @


  1. Have been a Nurse for over 40 yrs have worked in Geriatrics, Health Department, Methadone and Laam Dispensaries,Pediatrics, and with Mentally Challenged.
    I’ve had a stroke in 2015, and 2017 which have issues if left side residual with short term memory loss. I’ve been through treatment to get long term memory, help push through with short term memory to help with retaining and working through problems. You must work with this in all ways to remember wheres my keys, dentures, papers, and in many other areas. I’m a example it works and the importance of still working to train your brain to improvise with exercises to remember.
    Thank you for your time and help.

    Comment by Deborah Howell — September 28, 2018 @ 10:06 AM

  2. How do I get more information on being a Brain Coach please

    Thank you

    Comment by Dawn Hill Mullis D.C. — October 17, 2018 @ 2:52 AM

  3. Here is the website:
    Call (877) 624-2933 or email for more info.

    Comment by Amen Clinics — October 17, 2018 @ 7:39 AM

  4. I got my certification last August and it has done wonders! Not just for my clients and training career but also for myself! The information, strategies and techniques taught has shifted the mindset of all my participants. Being a certified brain health coach is truly a magnificent gift to the world.

    Comment by Ricky — November 9, 2018 @ 3:45 PM

  5. I would like information on the training.

    Comment by Joan Wisniewski — November 13, 2018 @ 5:05 AM

  6. Thanks for this informative article. It was really very helpful for me. I got to know one of the best advantage of being a brain health coach.

    Comment by john — January 29, 2019 @ 5:42 AM

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