Monica Frishman

Clinic Outreach Manager
Amen Clinics | Washington, DC


Monica Frishman is the Clinic Outreach Manager for Amen Clinics Washington D.C. Her long-time passion and compassion for the medical field, specifically in working in the Neuropsychiatric arena, adheres to the Amen Clinics’ philosophy and mission. In addition, her enthusiasm and dedication offers partnering professionals a great synergy to better serve patients and the community.

Monica brings over 20 years of medical experience and a successful 15-year outreach career in working with Hospitals, Physicians, Home Health Services, Independent Living and Assisted Living communities. Her Nursing studies and business degree offer the best of both worlds in skills and experience.

She enjoys cooking, traveling, spending time with her 3 kids and volunteering with various organizations.

Monica is ready and available for marketing and collaborative projects. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to her at

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