Adrian O’Donnell, MA, LMFT | Los Angeles Metro Area

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

Adrian O’Donnell is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (120650) who provides individualized and integrative therapy for adults, adolescents, and couples in both California and Florida.  He specializes in anxiety, depression, alcohol and substance abuse, parenting, self-esteem, social anxiety, trauma, PTSD, and ADHD. He believes in encouraging self-expression and creativity to nurture our full potential.

Adrian is a Certified Brain Health Coach and has been a proud member of the Amen Clinics Los Angeles since July 2018. He believes passionately in brain health and that SPECT brain scans can be a powerful image to inspire change.

Adrian’s treatment approach with clients is collaborative and unique, integrating elements from different techniques. Adrian is experienced at incorporating psychodynamic, client-centered, humanistic, depth psychology, existential, cognitive and behavioral, and mindfulness-based approaches. He provides a safe, therapeutic environment for health, healing, and recovery. Adrian also offers EMDR therapy to process trauma, both PTSD and small ‘t’ traumas.

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