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Ami Doshi is the Clinic Outreach Manager for Amen Clinics, Northern California. She joined the Walnut Creek team two years ago and believes patient success stems from providers who listen and educate their patients. Her entire career has been within healthcare, from working with top Telehealth companies to Pharma investments. Her education was within Health Psychology and Nutrition and She has always had a personal passion for Naturopathic healing, Art, and breaking health stigma. She firmly believes all the steps in her career has led her to this role, a role where she can help people understand their options for care, and better understand their mind and body wellness. She also enjoys supporting our partnerships as she stated each day, she can learn something new from a partner and she establishes and grows relationships with the brightest minds in the industry.

Her passion for education is also fulfilled as this role is about educating people on our services and wellness overall. As a solution-oriented person, the role of Clinic Outreach Manager comes naturally, she loves to listen to individuals’ needs and figure out the best way to optimize their health or business. She enjoys helping people heal, and live optimally, and feels she can speak authentically about the work achieved at the clinics as we truly are innovators within the integrative psychiatry field.

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