Andrew Calhoun | Chicago Metro Area

Clinic Outreach and National Accounts Manager 

Andrew Calhoun is the Clinical Outreach and National Accounts Manager, working out of the Chicago area clinic. He serves Minnesota, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, New Mexico, as well as North and South Dakota. He also leads outreach to corporations and national organizations.
Andrew is a Traumatic Brain Injury survivor, so he understands both the challenges and the opportunities to succeed and to bounce forward. He went on to graduate with honors from Tufts University, then earn a master’s degree. Subsequently, he worked for nineteen years, managing non-profits.
Troubling symptoms, related to the brain trauma re-surfaced. This incubated his search for new options to improve wellbeing, including understanding the power of nutrition, food for health, and energy-based healing. The search for better brain health, prompted Andrew to seek his current professional role with Amen Clinics, where he helps others make informed choices with access to answers. He works directly with therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, life coaches, chiropractors, marriage counselors, hospitals, and all providers of mental and physical health.
Amen Clinics take an integrative psychiatric approach to treatment. Through detailed discussions with patients, and brain SPECT imaging, our doctors provide an evaluation with treatment recommendations that address the Root Causes of challenges.  
For Brain Health … There Is No End To Better.
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