Borhan Darmal, MD | Washington D.C., Metro Area


Dr. Borhan Darmal is a board eligible psychiatrist who received his undergraduate degree from San Diego State University. He earned his medical degree from St. George’s university school of medicine. He completed his psychiatric residency at Lewisgale Medical Center in southwest Virginia, where he became interested in incorporating spirituality into bio psychosocial model.

Dr. Darmal has been learning about psychiatry and brain imaging from his father, another long term amen clinic psychiatrist, for over 15 years. Dr. Darmal has also published with Dr. Daniel Amen about the effects of marijuana on memory.

Dr. Darmal has no specific niche and enjoys working with patients with various diagnoses including ADHD, anxiety disorders, OCD, eating disorders, schizophrenic spectrum disorders, substance use disorders and mood disorders. Regardless of the diagnosis, he believes people are too complex to fit into simplistic diagnostic checklists. He is also interested in emerging fields such as sports psychiatry and nutritional psychiatry.

In his free time he enjoys reading and basketball.


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