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Elizabeth Reber, a seasoned professional, has served Amen Clinics in Business Development since August 2001, leaving an indelible mark on the organization.  With her innovative strategies, hard work, and dedication, she has successfully revitalized the San Francisco market and spearheaded the establishment of a new territory in Philadelphia. In addition, Elizabeth drove nationwide adoption of the Love and Logic curriculum in schools, generating a far-reaching social impact.  Her efforts resulted in widespread positive transformations and long-lasting benefits for countless students and educators across the country.

During her tenure as a leader at Sovereign Health, Elizabeth orchestrated the formation of a formidable ten-member outreach team spanning the entire West Coast.  Under her guidance, this exceptional team achieved record-breaking production, catalyzing the expansion of the organization into two new locations.  Elizabeth’s leadership and strategic acumen played a pivotal role in driving Sovereign Health’s growth and success.

Prior to that, she embraced her entrepreneurial spirit and embarked on a new venture as an Outreach Consultant.  She founded an esteemed Outreach Consultancy catering specifically to the Behavioral Health industry.  In this capacity, Elizabeth provided invaluable support to the expansion and growth of prominent programs such as the Casa Serena Eating Disorder Program and Sovereign Health Dual Diagnosis program.  Her expertise and guidance proved instrumental in their continued success.

Elizabeth holds a bachelor’s degree in Transpersonal Psychology from Sofia University, a testament to her deep understanding of the human experience and holistic approach to well-being.  Currently, she is pursuing her master’s degree in clinical psychology at Sofia University, further expanding her knowledge and skill set.

With an illustrious career spanning several key roles, Elizabeth Reber exemplifies excellence in leadership, strategic planning, and transformative outreach.  Her unwavering commitment to making a profound difference in the lives of individuals and communities continues to shape the landscape of the Behavioral Health industry today.

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