Gamze Balci, MD, DipABLM | Chicago Metro Area

Neuropsychiatrist, Lifestyle Medicine Physician

Dr. Balci is passionate about the concept of “eudaimonia,” a Greek term that she interprets as “supporting individuals to flourish and attain prosperity in life, despite limited means.” She adopts a whole-person approach, helps people identify and address the factors that affect their well-being, and devises an individualized plan to enhance their overall health.

A native of Turkey, Dr. Gamze Balci followed her passion to Europe and the United States. During her medical school education, she received a scholarship to study abroad in Milan, Italy. She completed her residency at the esteemed Mayo Clinic, followed by fellowship training in behavioral neurology and neuropsychiatry. She is also board-certified in lifestyle medicine, a medical specialty that emphasizes the use of evidence-based lifestyle interventions to prevent and treat chronic diseases.

Prior to joining the Amen Clinics family, Dr. Balci practiced and taught for five years across the Mayo Clinic system. She subsequently joined the interventional psychiatry team at the University of Minnesota, where she acquired knowledge and skills in advanced neuromodulation techniques, such as vagal nerve stimulation (VNS), and transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS). She is experienced in administering electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) and has published research articles in her field of expertise.


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