GiGi Gill

Co-Chief Operating Officer - Head of Eastern Division

Prior to starting her position in March 2021, Gigi served in progressive roles with Amen Clinics starting as Clinic Director, Atlanta in 2012. She joined the Clinic just after its opening and led it to become the second busiest and most profitable Clinic in the network. Her leadership style is built on the belief that success comes from happy teams who feel supported in their work, and she regularly invests time in team building and staff development.

Immediately prior to joining Amen Clinics, Gigi successfully managed another Psychiatric practice and a Wellness facility. Early in her career, she worked at Coca-Cola Corporate Media Relations on high profile projects including several Olympic Games and a Presidential election and Inauguration. She also worked in a financial and operations role for a land development company where over the course of 5 years, she was elevated to Vice President. Additionally, she is trained as a copy editor and has served as a proofreader in a full-service marketing agency.

For a period of about 12 years, Gigi was a stay-at-home mother. During this time, she learned the value of understanding how individuals feel appreciated, the importance of clear communication, and how to make the most out of every hour and asset at her disposal.

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