Hollace Dowdy, MA, LMFT | Los Angeles Metro Area

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Hollace is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. She works with the whole individual – taking into consideration the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects – and invites the client to expand into their inherent greatness. While at Amen Clinics, and collaborating with the psychiatrists and functional medicine doctors, she has learned about the intersection of brain health and mental health. Hollace creates a dynamic, compassionate and trusting container to explore and grow within, while simultaneously calling a patient forward out of their comfort zones and limitations. With over twenty years of experience in mental health, healing, coaching and leadership development, she works both one-on-one and with groups.

Hollace has earned two Master’s degrees: one in Counseling Psychology with an emphasis in Depth Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute, and one in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica. She is a doctoral candidate in Depth Psychology (the work of Carl Jung) at Pacifica Graduate Institute. In studying Jungian psychology, Hollace learned about taking a deep dive into the unconscious and exploring archetypes and dreams. She is passionate about helping people access their unique heart intelligence and intuition. She is committed to helping people find their life’s purpose, and to experience enhanced levels of success and fulfillment. Currently, she is doing research on heart-centered methodologies for healing trauma.

Hollace is passionate about working with adults, teens, and children. She is committed to bringing heart-centered tools into her work with those in business to empower individuals and teams through courage and vulnerability. She also works with many creative people in the entertainment industry.

Hollace specializes in the areas of depression, anxiety, grief and loss, ADHD/ADD, relationship challenges, self-esteem, addiction, spirituality, trauma and PTSD, codependency, self-expression and creativity, and women’s issues. With her Jungian training, Hollace enjoys working with patients and their dreams. Hollace teaches mindfulness practices and offers guided meditations. She enjoys working with guided imagery, forgiveness of judgments, and creative processes such as poetry, music and art.

Hollace’s approach with patients is collaborative and unique, integrating elements from different techniques and adapting treatment according to the individual’s needs. Hollace does trauma-informed work using a blend of therapeutic approaches including psychodynamic, client-centered, Jungian, relational, mindfulness-based (MBCT), attachment-based, somatic, cognitive behavioral (CBT), existential and gestalt. She is trained in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing).

She believes that we all have a potential that is living inside us wanting to find its unique expression in the world. She is warm, empathic, and engaging, incorporating presence with humor and depth of heart. She helps her patients to explore what brings them to therapy by creating a safe and sacred space. In a difficult and challenging world, Hollace is committed to helping people embrace their authentic selves, while helping them to create a sense of belonging and self-acceptance.

Hollace has published research on the healing effects of a sacred space and safe listener (Bessel van Der Kolk) and the healing effects of a therapeutic container that allows for the expression of soul, integrating person-centered theory (Carl Rogers).

Dowdy, H. (2016). Accessing Soul : The Clinical Benefits of Creating a Safe and Sacred Space.
Carpinteria, CA. Pacifica Graduate Institute.

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