Kathleen Inoa | New York Metro Area

Assistant Clinic Director

My family has been my support system throughout my entire journey in the field of mental health. It is their work ethic that is instilled in me and has gotten me to where I am today. My mother had me when she was forty-eight years old which led to a very traditional upbringing. My family has taught me that hard work always pays off and that the only person I should be pushing to be better than is the person I was yesterday. They have also taught me that it is the wellbeing of those I am helping takes precedence.

My career started after graduating as an Psychology major. I worked for several mental health clinics as a case manager for victims of violent crimes. I have also worked as a mental health counselor for residents of a domestic violence shelter. I provided weekly therapy sessions and facilitated both Spanish and English speaking support groups. Overall, I have about ten years of experience in mental health care. I continued my education and obtained my graduate degree in mental health counseling in 2019.

The passion for the work that I do grows with each day. I have had the pleasure of working with Amen Clinics first as a Patient Outcome Manager for the past few years before transitioning into the role of East Coast Clinic Outreach Manager. As one of the patient outcome managers I worked directly with patients to provide them with clinical care. I conducted the initial intakes then was their point of contact after they completed their evaluation. I also provided patients with monthly check-in appointments after their evaluations. As the East Coast Clinic Outreach Manager, my role was to help spread our message to other professionals in the mid-East Coast region.

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