Katie Dimedio | Orange County Metro Area

Regional Clinic Outreach Director

Katie Dimedio is a brain health enthusiast, while studying psychology in college, she became fascinated by the brain – specifically in areas of sensation, perception, and neuroplasticity.  A self-proclaimed “Neuro Nerd”, Katie also practiced Neurofeedback and is Certified by the Biofeedback Certification International Alliance.  Katie has worked in addiction and mental health treatment as a Registered Addiction Specialist and it was through this work that Katie’s love for the brain deepened, ultimately moving her out of direct client care and into outreach and professional education. 

Katie has worked in many settings including residential substance use treatment, eating disorder treatment, mental health settings and private practice.  Additionally, she has served children with autism in outpatient settings. 

Though she is no longer practicing neurofeedback, Katie feels she is helping people even more now because her true passion is to help others learn about, and understand the brain in a way that makes the most sense for them and their life, their clients, and the ones they love.

To learn about the benefits of partnering with Amen Clinics, email Katie Dimedio at kdimedio@amenclinic.com.

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