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Kimberly Blanch is the Clinic Outreach Manager for the Amen Clinics in Reston, VA and covers the states of Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, DC and areas of Pennsylvania. She comes to Amen Clinics with an extensive background in both education and healthcare.  She spent over a decade working with physicians and patients advocating for the adoption of new technology to become the standard of care for those with hearing loss.  She embraces change and continually strives to look at current problems from different perspectives to find solutions that meet the needs of those around her.
Kimberly has vast personal experience in the field of mental health, understanding both the traditional and innovative solutions offered to those seeking help.  She’s a firm believer in finding the root cause, that once a person knows “why” they’re feeling/acting/reacting the way they do, they’re more able to put the pieces in place to thrive in their lives- not just survive.  She’s excited to work with our partners to find out how the Amen Clinic can best meet their needs as well as the needs of the community at large.   We welcome you to schedule a brief 20–30-minute session on her calendar so she can learn about you, your practice/position in the community, and how we can best provide you with the support you need from us.  

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