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Kwane Annakie comes with over 17 years of experience in Business Development & Territory Management. Kwane has a passion for serving, and being a solution finder in the medical field has brought him much joy and success. He brings a degree in Network Engineering & Business, working with some of the larger medical organizations to increase growth and improved patient care results. Kwane is now joining the Behavioral Health space with strong enthusiasm to make a difference in Brain Health, ingrained in Amen Clinics culture. He is looking forward to working with the entire Amen Clinics community and growing with the organization. Making a difference in Mental Health is personal to Kwane, as he has seen the effects had on close family and friends. 
Kwane will to continue to be a part of the reformation of integrative/functional care with paradigm shifts in clinical models to help children and adults struggling with memory/cognitive issues, traumatic brain and closed head injuries, anxiety, depression, addiction recovery, trauma, grief, and developmental life issues. Kwane enjoys spending time with family and friends, reading, learning new technology, and playing music are some of his past time.
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