Maria Luby | Washington D.C., Metro Area

Clinic Outreach Manager

Maria Luby is the Clinic Outreach Manager at Amen Clinics Washington, D.C. located in Reston, Virginia, about 40 minutes outside the city. She serves Virginia, Washington D.C., North Carolina, West Virginia, and Kentucky.

Maria graduated from West Virginia University with a bachelor’s degree in Dental Hygiene at the WVU School of Dentistry. She started in the field of healthcare as a clinician and provider working with patients of all ages and all walks of life for over 15 years. It was through this experience that she learned that her professional path was being steered toward helping improve patients’ lives through more than just providing a healthy mouth. It was an inspiration to help the overall health of the patient and is what ultimately led her to her current role in outreach at Amen Clinics.

Maria’s background has been in neuroscience for the past 10 years. Her last role was at Myriad Neuroscience as a Molecular Sales Consultant in Pharmacogenomic testing (Genesight). The field of psychiatry unfortunately continues to perform treatment as usual, and a trial and error method of treatment approach. Through learning that we need to look deeper into symptomology by genetic testing for what is optimal for patients and not guessing at what the patient is responding or not responding to, compelled her to get more answers and learn about new cutting edge holistic treatment approaches for behavior patterns and biological conditions related to brain health issues, instead of medicating based on symptoms or behavioral expression.

Amen Clinics take an integrative psychiatric approach to treatment. They look at the organ that is being treated first through SPECT scan imaging and find out what the underlying causes are of behavior expression and symptomology. The perspective is to treat patients for their brain health and remove the stigma of mental illness. If the brain is healthy, the mind will follow, as Dr. Amen says, and he is right.

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