Stacy Eidem | Orange County Metro Area

Clinic Outreach Manager

Stacy Eidem is a passionate brain and mental health advocate both personally and professionally. Stacy comes to us from the pharmaceutical world that specialized in mental health. With a degree in Psychology it has become her life legacy to de-stigmatize and help others have the most optimal functioning brain!

Stacy’s current position as Clinic Outreach Manager covering her native Southern California territory has the privilege of working with psychiatrists, therapists, psychologists, pastors, neurologists, cardiologists, PCP, PA, NP, and life coaches.

A true area of concentration for Stacy is to help cancer patients and their families. With the supported and specialized care team, Stacy would love to utilize her life’s career to help families and anyone effected.

You are not alone! I look forward to hearing your story and helping patients. Please connect with me at


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