Zoe Davis

Amen Clinics | Northern California


Zoe is an integrative mental health coach and nutrition counselor at Amen Clinics. She has a master’s degree in clinical mental health counseling, with an emphasis in health psychology, and has extensive post-graduate training in disordered eating behaviors, nutrition, and holistic obesity care. Zoe is passionate about her work as a nutrition counselor and holistic health coach, and has led support groups and taught seminars on emotional eating, whole foods nutrition, stress management, self-care, and others.

As a certified brain health coach, Zoe deeply integrates Dr. Daniel Amen’s optimal brain functioning model with clients, as it offers hope for even the most difficult obstacles to health. In addition to working with individuals, Zoe is a brain health coach for the nutrition and brain health support site BrainFitLife where she provides online health education and wellness coaching to individuals around the world.

Go Further with Food – Prevent Memory Loss

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