Zoe Davis, MA, LMHC, MS, CNC

Amen Clinics | Northern California


Zoe is a nutrition therapist, integrative health coach, and certified Irlen screener at Amen Clinics, where she has been honored to work with patients over the last four years. Zoe has masters degrees in human nutrition and functional medicine, is a licensed mental health counselor, and has a post-graduate certificate in nutritional psychology. This unique combination of education in both nutrition and psychology allows her to use a mind-body approach in a deeply integrated way.

Combining the psychological, biological, social, and spiritual components of human experience, the functional medicine framework affords us a much fuller understanding of symptoms as well as illuminating clearer paths towards wellness, even in the presence of chronic conditions. Using a caring, positive, self-embracing approach, Zoe emphasizes curiosity instead of judgment when working with an individual on lifestyle changes to support brain and body health. She believes a balance of compassion and honesty is essential for us to reach a new level of wellness and transform how we see ourselves. Wherever you are on your path, and no matter how many paths you have tried before, Zoe is honored to support you in your efforts towards more permanent, optimal health.

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