Unlike traditional psychiatry, which rarely looks at the brain, Amen Clinics uses brain imaging technology to identify your specific brain type, so we are able to tailor a targeted treatment plan to enhance your quality of life.

Let’s Talk About Your Brain

Our brain imaging work has made it clear that “mental health” conditions are actually “brain health” issues that steal your mind. These issues often go undetected or are misdiagnosed, and symptoms can be debilitating for years. Amen Clinics is different because we use a brain imaging diagnostic tool called SPECT (Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography) to help accurately identify underlying brain issues that can contribute to symptoms. This means you get the right diagnosis and most effective treatment for faster healing. Isn’t it time to start feeling better today?

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Why Choose Amen Clinics for Brain SPECT Imaging?

Over the past 30 years at Amen Clinics, we have built the world’s largest database of brain scans—over 200,000 scans and growing—related to emotional, learning, and behavioral problems. We have scanned people across the globe from 9 months old to 105 years old and have helped them with a wide variety of mental health conditions and other cognitive issues. Our decades of experience, in addition to our scientific research on SPECT (over 70 peer-reviewed studies published), guides us in being the best in the world for brain SPECT imaging.

The Answers You Want

Our comprehensive approach to brain health has shown that psychiatric conditions are not single or simple disorders. They all have multiple types, so the same treatment plan won’t work for everybody, and it could make your symptoms worse. The Amen Clinics Method is different. Our database, with over 200,000 brain scans, helps us more successfully identify various types of ADD, anxiety, depression, and many other mental health conditions, so you get the answers you’ve been looking for.

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The Outcome You Deserve

At Amen Clinics, we’ve found through over 30 years of practice that seeing your brain is essential for developing your personalized treatment program. As part of a comprehensive evaluation, the brain scans give our physicians additional information to make a clear diagnosis and to find the right solutions for your need, so you can finally start feeling better.

Unhealthy SPECT Brain Scan

Healthy SPECT Brain Scan

Want To Learn More?

Watch Daniel Amen, MD explain Brain SPECT imaging in more detail in these SPECT Made Ridiculously Simple videos.

85% of people report a better quality of life after treatment at Amen Clinics

Traumatic Brain Injury: Bjorn’s Surfing Incident

A horrible surfing accident left pro surfer Bjorn Hazelquist with intense headaches and vision problems. However, the CT scans of his brain showed no sign of any lasting problem. Bjorn knew in his heart that there was something wrong, and a SPECT scan at Amen Clinics finally confirmed his suspicions: the accident had restricted the blood flow to areas in his brain. Armed with a new, tailored treatment plan, including hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) and neurofeedback, Bjorn was able to eliminate his headaches and regain control of his life. He founded the Strength in Pain Foundation and now speaks out to assist others who are suffering from the effects of traumatic brain injuries and the importance of SPECT imaging. As Bjorn says, “If I didn’t have a SPECT scan, I would have never known I had a traumatic brain injury.”

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