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Brains Acting Badly A New Twist on an Old Question

Brains Acting Badly: A New Twist on an Old Question

Your brain controls everything you do and all the decisions you make. When the brain works correctly, you work correctly. When the brain is troubled, you are much more likely…

6 ways to prevent digital obsession

6 Ways to Prevent Digital Obsession

Ever walk into a room where everyone was intently focused on their handheld devices? Have you ever had a romantic dinner ruined by a date who made it more of…


How Bud Lost 30 lbs. and Rescued His Memory

Need more motivation to shed a few pounds? New research suggests that when you lose weight, your memory can actually get stronger. In another study, researcher Andreas Stomby, MD shows…

darkest side of anxiety and depression

The Darkest Side of Anxiety and Depression

Suicidal thoughts are more common than you may think and here’s why. It’s been reported as many as 55% of the population have seriously considered suicide at some point in…


Why Should I Care About My Brain?

The war for your health is won or lost between your ears, in the moment-by-moment decisions your brain makes every day. When your brain works right your decisions tend to…


Mental Health Attack: How Can We Help Veterans

Wars are not over when the shooting stops. They live on in the lives, memories, bodies, and brains of those who fight them. We want to share a story of…

Win the Daily Battle for Your Brain Health

Win the Daily Battle for Your Health

The brain-body connection is real and more apparent than you might think. While some disease is hereditary, bad health is often born out of unhealthy choice and behaviors. When your…

Blog-6 Ways to Ease Holiday Depression

6 Ways to Ease Holiday Depression

It is common that the holiday season often brings stress, anxiety and depression. And it’s no wonder that people are more likely to feel overwhelmed and have a hard time…

What Does Ideal Psychiatric Care Look Like

What Does Ideal Psychiatric Care Look Like?

Back in the day, doctors were told to tell patients that they had a chemical imbalance even though there was absolutely no data to back that up. Neurotransmitter testing was…

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