The Secret to Being More Awesome at School

Secret To Being More Awesome At School

If you want to make it easier to ace your classes without dedicating your entire life to studying, you need to optimize your brain. My book, Change Your Brain, Change Your Grades, reveals how knowing your brain type will give you a blueprint to improve your brain health, so you can be a more awesome student in class, perform better on tests, and get along better with your classmates and teachers…with less effort!

What Brain Scans Show About Your Personality

As a brain imaging expert with the world’s largest database of functional brain scans—150,000 and growing—I have identified brain patterns that correlate to the way you think, behave, and interact with others.

  • If the brain’s blood flow was full, even, and symmetrical in all areas, we called it balanced.
  • When areas in the front of the brain were lower in activity or “sleepier” than average, people tended to be impulsive and spontaneous.
  • When the front areas of the brain were much more active than average, people were more likely to worry more and to be more persistent.
  • When there was above-average activity in the limbic “emotional” brain, people likely had a greater vulnerability to sadness and tended to be more sensitive.
  • When the activity was higher than average in the basal ganglia and amygdala, people tended to feel more anxious and to be more cautious.

Now, after studying all those brain scans, we have identified 5 primary brain types and 11 combination brain types:

5 Primary Brain Types

Brain Type 1: Balanced

Brain Type 2: Spontaneous

Brain Type 3: Persistent

Brain Type 4: Sensitive

Brain Type 5: Cautious

The remaining brain types are combinations of the 5 primary brain types.

Know Your Brain Type

Knowing your brain type can help you understand more about how you learn, study, and perform in school, as well as how you interact with your teachers, fellow students, and others. To discover your brain type and learn more about how you can prime your brain to be a more successful student, take the free Brain Health Assessment. In the book, you’ll learn how to optimize your brain type to make you more awesome at school because when your brain works better, you work smarter in every area of your life.

Change Your Brain, Change Your Grades is written by psychiatrist, neuroscientist, and brain health expert Dr. Daniel Amen and relies on the latest neuroscience and leading-edge brain imaging to show students of all ages how to strengthen the ultimate study buddy—their brain—to be more successful in school. Order your copy here.

If you have issues that require more personalized care, know that Amen Clinics has helped thousands of students balance their brains and overcome mental health problems. To find out how Amen Clinics can help you reach your potential (or help your child reach their potential) as a student, reach out today to speak to a specialist at 888-288-9834 or schedule a visit online.


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