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Donna Lalwani currents serves in Clinical Outreach at Amen Clinics New York alongside a committed team of physician experts with a passion for brain health research, diagnosis and treatment, which Dr. Daniel Amen, Neuroscientist and neuroimaging pioneer is known for. She serves professionals in the Northeastern U.S., Canada and Europe with commitment to excellence and compassion. For over 18 years, Donna has worked in healthcare, social services, and nonprofits providing clinical training & professional development, case management services, education and support for clients and professionals. Her early training at The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center’s Depression Treatment and Research Clinic provided valuable insight on the integrative lens in psychiatry and research which piqued her interest in clinical research advances in the scientific community made by Dr Daniel G. Amen and Amen Clinics.

Donna has a fascination for an integrative approach to brain health. Her current position involves outreach to professionals in the mental health and medical field, coaches, education, legal, and faith-based professionals as inclusive partners in care. As Amen Clinics contributes to the revolution of brain health, she values sharing clinical resources, tools and training to enhance clinical practice for quality care. Donna’s dedication to work and service has entailed developing solid clinical partnerships resulting in lasting collaborations with physicians, therapists, counselors, and myriad providers. Donna provides community awareness, advocacy, clinical education and referral support with providers in the care for treatment of those impacted by conditions including: anxiety, depression, trauma and PTSD, ADD/ADHD, concussion and Traumatic Brain Injury, brain fog, cognitive and memory issues, Autism spectrum disorders, behavioral issues, substance abuse and addiction – to name a few of the many areas. She believes that supportive care teams contribute to improved outcomes for patients.

Donna has experience in managed care, hospital, clinic-based, educational and alternative environments serving multilingual and multicultural communities. Donna received her Master’s degree from Bank Street Graduate School focusing on the development of programs and services for education, clinical and therapeutic arts. She has a Master’s degree in Public Administration from New York University in healthcare management and policy, with particular interest in social work, reducing healthcare disparities and expanding access to care.

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