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Marla Owens is the Clinic Outreach Manager at Amen Clinics Chicago located in Bannockburn, IL, about 30 minutes outside the city.  She serves Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, Ontario (Canada), Ohio and parts of Kentucky.

Marla graduated from Cleveland State University with a bachelor’s degree in Communications/Public Relations.  Working in an extremely stressful environment for many years, and struggling with her own mental and physical health concerns, she discovered the importance of keeping the brain and body healthy.  This developed into a passion to help others achieve their fullest potential.  She started in the field of healthcare as a Corporate Wellness Consultant. For 8 years she implemented health and wellness programs for corporations in Illinois.  Programs like these helped organizations reduce insurance premium costs by keeping employees healthy, and also built morale by making them feel appreciated.  During this time she also obtained her NASM Personal Training and Nutrition Coaching Certification.  Marla’s belief in the mind, body, and spirit approach to health and wellness brought her to Amen Clinics.

Working hand in hand with therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, life coaches, chiropractors, marriage counselors, hospitals, and all providers of mental and physical health, Amen Clinics can help anyone and everyone discover their fullest potential.

Amen Clinics take an integrative psychiatric approach to treatment. They look at the organ that is being treated first through SPECT scan imaging and find out what the underlying causes are of behavior expression and symptomology. The perspective is to treat patients for their brain and body health and remove the stigma of mental illness.

Marla spends her free time keeping in touch with family and friends,  reading, learning, researching, cooking healthy and delicious meals, and exercising.

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