5 Brain Facts You Need To Know

Your brain is involved in everything you do and everything you are. When it works right, you work right, but when it doesn’t, you are more likely to struggle in your everyday life. Since the brain is still malleable until 25, it is important that YOU take the proper steps to care, nourish, protect and optimize your brain.

But what are those steps? We’re here to help you get on track!

You Are Your Brain

As profound as this might sound, the simple fact is that you are a construct of your brain. Let’s think about this for a second. Your heartbeat, bodily functions, organs, movements, thoughts, moods, actions, reactions, interactions, personality, memories, health, spirituality, happiness, feelings, relationships, successes, energy, focus, creativity, failures, problem-solving skills, anxieties, diet, decisions, hurts and dreams are all dependent upon the moment by moment functioning of the three-pound super computer housed within your skull. Your brain is involved in every aspect of your life. It controls everything.

Your Brain is Complex

As much as we have learned about the brain in just the past decade, we still have not even scratched the surface of understanding how incredibly complicated the human brain is. In fact, many argue that there is nothing in the universe more complicated than the human brain. Your brain is estimated to have more than one hundred billion neurons within it, and these neurons have trillions of supporting cells. The critical consensus is that there are more connections in your brain than there are stars in the universe.

Your Brain is Not Fully Developed Until Age Twenty-Five

We may like to assume that we are adults when we turn eighteen; however, the truth is our brain is still undergoing a significant amount of construction until our mid-twenties. Research has shown that the brain is not fully developed until a person reaches about the age of twenty-five. For males, full development can extend until the age of twenty-eight. What does this mean for you? If you are under twenty-five, this means every decision you make, every thought you have, every action you take, all the food you eat, the amount of sleep you get and everything else you do throughout your day has significant impact on your developing brain.

Your Brain is Quite Fragile

When you think of the human brain, we often imagine a rubbery, firm organ. This is probably because the brains we have seen outside of skulls are typically kept in formaldehyde, which makes the brain firmer and rubberier than it really is. Your living brain has about the same consistency as warm butter, an egg white, soft gelatin or soft tofu. While your skull protects your brain, the brain is still quite vulnerable.

When Your Brain Works Right, You Work Right

Think of what happens when the hard drive on your computer is not functioning at its best. It could be due to a virus, the fragmentation of data, clutter or a host of other issues. What happens when there is a problem with the engine of your car? It doesn’t run quite right. Many people don’t realize that the human brain works in a very similar way. When your brain is working right, you have a much greater chance of working to your full potential. This is when you have the greatest access to yourself and have the ability to achieve the goals you have set for yourself.

There are many ways to optimize your brain and your mind by the age of 25. You can create a brain healthy life by learning how to love and care for your brain, and by focusing on what you love about your life a lot more than what you don’t. PASS IT ON. Take what you have learned here to develop your brain healthy life and teach it to others. By creating brain healthy families, businesses and communities ALL of us benefit.

If you would like more information about how to get the most out of your brain before you’re 25 you can find it here. If you are past the age of 25 and would like a clinical evaluation, there is hope. You can change your brain and change our life. Call us at 888-288-9834 or visit our website.

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