4 Ways To Remain Playful As An Adult

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Remember back to your childhood when you could play games for hours on end and get completely lost in having fun? Have you ever wondered why those good times had to end? Was it really necessary to give up that part of your life when you became an adult?

Playing games and doing fun activities can provide some of life’s most enjoyable and memorable moments. Having fun is not just for children and is a healthy part of life. In fact, many studies have shown that remaining lighthearted can have significant benefits on your physical and mental wellbeing.

Playfulness in adults has been associated with heightened observation skills, increased creativity and better ability to interpret and adjust to new situations. Additionally, being fun-loving can have positive effects on a person’s career and relationships.

No matter your age, income, IQ, or education, there are ways to stimulate your neurons so that your brain can stay young. Here are four tips for keeping your brain pliable and playful:

Lifelong Learner

Stay curious about life and learning. Take courses or read about subjects you enjoy. Being a lifelong learner will allow you to stay young at heart and in your brain.

New Hobbies

The most effective mental exercises involve acquiring new knowledge and doing things you’ve never done before. Devote just 15 minutes a day to a new hobby (like painting or playing a musical instrument), activity (rock climbing or dancing), or subject matter (learning a new language). Einstein once said that people who spend 15 minutes a day learning something new will become an expert within a year.

Make It Fun

Many children have better follow through with educational or clean-up tasks when those activities are presented as a race, obstacle course, or other fun game. The same strategy can be applied to the busy and stressful lives of adults. Be intentional at building fun into your daily routine.

Play Brain Games

When considering brain healthy games, people often think of crossword puzzles and word games like Scrabble or Boggle. While those are great forms of mental exercise that work the language centers of the brain, other areas—like memory, concentration, visual-spatial acuity, reaction, and coordination—need to be exercised too. At BrainFitLife, our brain gym includes 34 different brain games that stimulate different areas of the brain and have multiple skill levels that help you grow as you go. Online brain-training games are a terrific way to have fun while getting your brain into tiptop shape. Spend just 15 minutes a day doing these energizing games, and your brain will start processing better and faster.

The best part of brain games is that anyone at any age can benefit from them. BrainFitLife has developed a personalized online training plan specifically to your brain type to improve your memory, mood, energy and focus so that you can become your best self. Take the first step to a happier lifestyle today at www.mybrainfitlife.com.

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