8 Do-It-Yourself Tips for Brain Improvement

Grandmother playing chess

No matter your age, income, IQ, or education, there are dozens of ways to help your neurons grow, stretch, and branch into a younger, more beautiful brain every single day. Here are a few easy examples of things you can do to improve your brain:

  1. Learn a new language. Learning a new language requires that you analyze new sounds, which improves not only auditory-processing skills but also memory.
  1. Play Sudoku. Sudoku is a numbers (not math) game that is both popular and addictively fun to many who play it. It can help increase your logic and reasoning skills as well as your memory. Crosswords puzzles do the same.
  1. Lose the list. Using mnemonics (triggers to aid memory using visual imagery or sounds, such as rhyming) is a great way to boost your brain while developing a system to remember things. There are several great memory courses available on audio or video recordings, often at local libraries or online.
  1. Get in the game. Play board games like chess or scrabble. Trivia games can boost memory. Jigsaw puzzles can help visual and spatial skills, and mah-jongg can help executive function (the capacity to control and apply your mental skills)
  1. Online brain-training games such as our brain gym at BrainFitLife can be quite helpful in keeping your brain fit. Spend about 10 minutes a day doing these fun games, and see if you don’t find your brain beginning to process better and faster.
  1. Stay curious about life and learning. Read and study or take courses in subjects you enjoy, practice arts or activities that capture your fancy. Be a lifelong learner and you’re more likely to stay young at heart and in your brain.
  1. Learn to play a musical instrument or a different instrument than you normally play.
  1. Break your routine. This is especially important for anyone who is tethered to bad, brain-harming habits. You can increase your chances of staying healthier longer if you change your daily habits and routines. Introducing new habits can help rewire your brain so you don’t fall back into the same patterns of activity.


Amen Clinics has helped tens of thousands of people, all over the world, change their brains and change their lives. They can help you, too. To learn more or schedule a comprehensive evaluation, contact the Amen Clinics Care Center today at 888-288-9834 or visit us online.




  1. Does anyone who reads kind of the insurance AmenClincs takes Thanks.

    Comment by Arnold Cabral — May 12, 2018 @ 6:10 AM

  2. Hello Arnold, Amen Clinics does not accept insurance. We do work with our patients for reimbursement, we also offer Care Credit for financing treatment. For more information on cost and insurance, please call our Care Coordinators at 888-288-9834 or submit this form with questions – https://amenclinics.com/schedule-visit/.

    Comment by Amen Clinics — May 14, 2018 @ 7:44 AM

  3. Great suggestions. Have you worked with patients that have the MTHFR genetic factor. My granddaughter has POTS. Turns out my daughter has the MTHFR gene and told me that it is passed from mother to daughter. I have not been tested but pretty sure I must have. The POTS causes brain fog big time because her heart races to try to get blood pumped up to brain. In my granddaughters case hers is heterozygous because her father also has the gene so her body only absorbs 7% if folic acid and in fact has difficulty absorbing all the B vitamins. I m sure I have ADHD along with my sister and my brother I suspect had both ADD and bi-polar. I never noticed anything that would identify my mother with ADD but my dad was forgetful, got depressed and ended up with early dementia. I know the low folic absorption causes delression

    Comment by Charlene — January 13, 2019 @ 11:40 PM

  4. Can CPTSD be healed with dr DANIEL AMEN’s procedures? and OCD?

    Thank you

    Comment by KATHERINE M — February 18, 2020 @ 7:52 AM

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