Hall-of-Fame Quarterback Terry Bradshaw Speaks Publicly About Visit to Amen Clinics

Blog-Hall-of-Fame Quarterback Terry Bradshaw Speaks Publicly About Visit to Amen Clinics

The media continues to buzz about the NFL brain research study conducted by Amen Clinics, thanks to popular sport’s figure, TV commentator, and all around beloved public personality, Terry Bradshaw.

Bradshaw spoke somberly and candidly about his time at Amen Clinics, and the toll his many concussions have taken on his brain health.

Who is Terry Bradshaw?

Four-time Super Bowl winning quarterback, Terry Bradshaw, sustained more than six concussions over his lengthy NFL career.

He told reporters about problems with his short-term memory, as well as his hand-eye coordination, two of the symptoms common in patients with sports-related brain injury. One hundred former professional football players were part of our NFL research study published in the Journal of Neuropsychiatric Clinical Neuroscience. The study showed significant impairment in brain functioning consistent with chronic brain trauma.

Is Brain Damage Reversible?

You have heard of “boxing dementia.” Now we are looking at “gridiron dementia.” The good news is that we are helping to repair, rehab and reverse some of the brain damage to the former professional athletes who were a part of this study.

Whether or not you are a former football player, here are two things you can do to help feed and care for your brain today:

1. Take brain-smart supplements.

Those especially good for improving any brain, but particularly for damaged or aging brains include:

• A multivitamin
Our food supply has been processed to the point where we have removed many of the nutrients. Plus, 91% of Americans do not eat five servings of fruits and vegetables a day — the minimum required to get the nutrition that you need. Everyone should take a multivitamin.

• Omega-3 fatty acids
Omega-3 fatty acids are critical to building healthy cell membranes, which are crucial for all our cells to work and essential for our brain cells to make the trillions of connections that enable peak cognitive, mood, and behavioral performance. Low omega-3 fatty acids is associated with heart disease, cancer, skin problems, diabetes, obesity, depression and dementia.

• Vitamin D
Vitamin D used to be considered just a bone vitamin, but intensive research established that the body converts it into a hormone that also helps regulate brain, cardiovascular, immune, muscle, lung, joint, and kidney functions. Vitamin D is important for the brain’s early development and ongoing renewal, and in clinical trials it promotes healthy mood management and cognitive functions.

• Ginkgo Biloba
This popular and effective plant extract supports healthy blood flow, which is critical to optimal brain function. Your brain needs at least 20% of your blood flow when at rest, even more when it is fully mentally engaged.

In the NFL study, the players used our all these supplements which support overall brain health, circulation, memory and concentration. It contributed to the players significantly increasing their cognitive scores.

2. Exercise Your Brain.

Research shows we can train our brains in much the same way we train other muscles. In fact, we offer this brain-training to the public in our BrainFitLife online community that is specifically designed to stretch, challenge and stimulate your neurons, leading to a sharper, younger mind.

Improve Your Mental Health

At Amen Clinics, we have spent decades helping people just like you improve their brain health, and thus mental health, and can help you, too. Call us today at 888-288-9834 or visit us online to schedule a visit.

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  1. I am recently retired from 42 years as a Speech Pathologist for the VA System, Chicago. I worked with concussion patients from Afghanistan and Iraq, during the last few years of my career. I continue to work contract and find interesting, any new information on concussion treatment. Thank you,

    Pamela Hrabak

    Comment by Pamela Hrabak — December 31, 2017 @ 2:54 PM

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