Partner with us to help your treatment-resistant patients find the answers 
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Why Partner with Amen Clinics for Mutual Patient Care?

If you’re frustrated with what seems to be treatment resistance, we know how you feel.

  • For years we’ve felt the same way…
  • We’ve always believed in using the most effective, least toxic treatments to get help our patients get well.
  • We want the best for our patients, just like you do.
  • We believe it takes a team, communication, and collaboration.
  • If you feel the same, we want to partner with you.
  • We want you as part of our team.

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You’ve Heard Every Symptom, Now Lets Look at the Source,

Many doctors, therapists, and coaches nationwide entrust Amen Clinics to help them get to the root cause of their patient’s symptoms. That’s because Amen Clinics has the most comprehensive tools to diagnose and treat patients who are treatment-resistant or who have comorbidity.

You spend countless hours supporting your clients and patients and you want the best for them. You want to make sure they’re in the best hands when other care is needed. Your recommendation is your word, your bond, your reputation. We get it.

Our diagnostic expertise, including deep clinical assessments and brain SPECT imaging, uncovers the root cause of many issues that are unresolved in patients before coming to Amen Clinics. Often, providers find that new information derived from our detailed evaluations uncover information about their patients that have completely changed the course of their treatment, including prescription medications, lifestyle recommendations, and therapies. In our published outcome study, we found that 79% of patients who came to ACI left with a different diagnosis and treatment plan than when they came in.

A brain- based, scientific, and objective approach to someone’s brain health can help you and your patient client through the “stucks” and help you guide you them to the solution. When your clients are placed on the right treatment protocol, their outcomes will be significantly improved.

Partnership Testimonials with Amen Clinics

Dr. Buzz Mingin on Partnering in Patient Care with Amen Clinics

Dr. Buzz Mingin discusses how he first became affiliated with Amen Clinics, and how a brain focused approach to helping his clients was a game changer.

How a Brain-focused Approach helps a Naturopath and Holistic Health Practitioner

Anna discusses how she came to form her partnership with Amen Clinics, what she’s learned along the way, and why a brain-focused approach is crucial to problem-solving and helping others.

How a Life Coach is Using Brain Health to Help Recovering Addicts

Dr. Amen’s work changed to way Life Coach/Chaplain Andy Kerr helps treat recovering addicts. Andy has learned one of Dr. Amen’s most important lessons and brought it to his own work: You can’t fix the software (the mind) until you fix the hardware (the brain).

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A Brain SPECT Imaging Scan Can Show

  • Past brain trauma, toxicity, or potential areas of seizure activity
  • Targeted areas for treatment
  • Risk for dementia
  • Different types of dementia
  • A physical representation of people’s problems to increase compliance
  • Damage from substance abuse to help overcome denial
  • Factors contributing to relapse in substance abuse, eating disorders, or sexual addiction
  • Changes in brain function with treatment (improved or worsened)
  • Changes in brain function indicating further adjustment of medication is needed
  • Specific brain areas affected by trauma to better target treatment, and help deal with insurance, legal, and rehabilitation issues

Memory Problems


Traumatic Brain Injury

Bipolar Disorder

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